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Homes 5 Tips From Amari To Turn Your Home Into A Staycation Resort

5 Tips From Amari To Turn Your Home Into A Staycation Resort

5 Tips From Amari To Turn Your Home Into A Staycation Resort
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
June 05, 2020
Don't let cancelled travel plans rain on your parade; turn your home into a (re)treat

It's vacation season, but you probably cancelled that trip to the Maldives or Capri since a while ago. Don't be depressed! You can turn your home into that relaxing getaway you've been longing for with the help of Amari's expertise. But look no further from your home for the relaxation you long for. The hotel and resort chain shares five basic tips for transforming your mundane surroundings into an uplifting staycation spot.

1/5 A Five-Star Upgrade

Let us break down a crucial aspect in any relaxing vacation: the hotel room. Entering into a squeaky clean room with everything laid out for you is one of the most satisfying things of a getaway. The sense of space and order has strong calming effects and to achieve that, you might have to bring out your inner Marie Kondo to declutter and clean your room. Fresh new high-quality linens and pillows can also really make a difference. Black-out drapes are another worth-it investment as they block out both light and sound. Sweet tooths can also treat themselves with a little something left neatly on the pillow to find and act surprised about at the end of the day. For a finishing touch, Amari recommends folding away the cover of the duvet. 

2/5 Turn Your Bathroom Into A Blissful Spa

Dim the lights, turn on some soothing music and light up some scented candles—we prefer something regal like Cire Trudon. How about making your own organic scrub and mask, inspired by Amari Hua Hin's signature 'Tropicana' concoction, by blending equal parts of pineapple and papaya together. The natural enzymes and vitamins from these tropical fruits will leave your skin soft, supple and luminous. For added benefits, Amari's therapists suggest experimenting with superfoods such as turmeric and honey. So massage away the stress and achieve healthy skin on your staycation with natural ingredients found in your kitchen. 

3/5 Let Tastes Transport You

Satisfy your appetite for travel with iconic dishes from destinations you want to visit. A popular getaway for locals and foreigners alike is Hua Hin, and the treat you cannot miss when in this seaside city is mango sticky rice. You can easily buy the ingredients for MSR from your local market. All you need are ripe mangos, coconut cream and glutinous rice—Amari's chefs recommend getting Keaw Ngu sticky rice for the best-tasting combo. When you take a bite, close your eyes and imagine you are enjoying the delightful dessert in your favourite resort. 

4/5 Don't Just Eat, Make It A Feast!

Turn your normal meal into an extravagant dining experience by putting in just a little more thought into table setting. Light some candles and gather some fresh flowers for decoration. Dig out the special china and the matching place mats and napkins. You can even improvise bangles as napkin rings or your favourite scarf as a table runner. If the weather outside is pleasant, why not set the table outdoors?

5/5 The Royal Treatment

Aside from luxurious rooms and facilities, the most important factor that makes any hotel stay a great experience is exceptional service. The devil is in the details, as they say. Show yourself and your loved ones the care they deserve. Is there a birthday coming up? Or perhaps an anniversary? Make an event special the thoughtful arrangements, like an artful flower arrangement of your partner's favourite blooms or a personalised welcome message. What extra miles have you been moved by in past hotel stays?

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