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Arts Culture 5 Things To Know About The Lenny Kravitz x Dom Pérignon Collaboration

5 Things To Know About The Lenny Kravitz x Dom Pérignon Collaboration

5 Things To Know About The Lenny Kravitz x Dom Pérignon Collaboration
By Coco Marett
September 04, 2018
The rock star and the luxury champagne producer have more in common than you think


Photo: Mathieu Bitton 

1. It's all about inspiring 

Dom Pérignon are inspired by Lenny Kravitz' individuality, style and boundless talent and creativity. Lenny Kravitz is inspired by Dom Pérignon's legacy, history and commitment to quality. The collaboration, and Kravitz's appointment as the Maison's creative director, is a celebration of the mutual respect between two unique and passionate creators. 

"This new collaboration between Dom Pérignon and Lenny Kravitz is all about inspiring, and being inspired," Dom Pérignon said in a statement about the collaboration. 


Photo: Mathieu Bitton 

2. The pair go way back 

“My experience with Dom Pérignon has been over the last 10, 11 years or so, and it has taught me so much and inspired me so much," says Kravitz, who has had a long relationship with Dom Pérignon. "I came in knowing nothing, and I have learned so much, and I have been so inspired by the different people that I am around.”

Over the years, Kravitz—a connoisseur of fine vintages—has devoted time over the years to learning about the people who make Dom Pérignon, the savoir-faire and terroir in Hautvillers, France, where champagne was created by Dom Pierre Pérignon late in the 17th century. 


Photo: Mathieu Bitton 

3. Lenny Kravitz goes behind the lens

Did you know that Lenny Kravitz never goes anywhere without his Leica? The rockstar loves documenting his life on the road and the people around him, and judging by the photos he takes, he's got a pretty great eye. Kravitz's first order of business as Dom Pérignon's creative director will be a series of photographs to be featured in an advertising campaign across the United States, United Kingdom and Japan, along with a series of exhibitions around the world.


Photo: Lenny Kravitz 

4. Kravitz's photos feature a star-studded cast

For his debut photo series with Dom Pérignon, Kravitz brought together a group of celebrity friends to be photographed in a stunning Los Angeles mansion that was designed by Kravitz himself. On paper they may seem like an unlikely fit, but it soon becomes clear that their magnetic personalities and joie de vivre are what bring them together. This included his daughter, singer and actress Zoë Kravitz; actress Susan Surandon; fashion designer Alexander Wang; model Abbey Lee; football legend Hidetoki Nataka; dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied; and actor Harvey Keitel 

"He keenly observed unexpected exchanges and the sheer joy of this unique gathering of talent, recording these unique moments for posterity," said Dom Pérignon of the photoshoot.


 Photo: Lenny Kravitz 

5. Coming together 

While, yes, the photos are incredibly cool, it's what they represent that is truly inspiring. If there's one thing that Lenny Kravitz and Dom Pérignon have in common, it's that they bring people together. As the campaign states; "In places like this, we bring together the blindingly famous and the proudly obscure. The shamelessly original and the quiet genius, the crazy smart, and the smart crazy. Behold, all of these live wires: high voltage souls, high wattage minds, eager to be connected, eager to meet, eager to collide and to inspire one another."

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