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Arts Culture 5 Thai Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands To Follow

5 Thai Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands To Follow

Photo: Courtesy of IG: Folkcharm
Photo: Courtesy of IG: Folkcharm
By Jittaphisudth Kannawat
September 21, 2020
Spend your money on products that don't harm the environment and that also uplift local communities

The Thai fashion industry is no short of talent and creativity, but it's not enough to simply create in today's world. Awareness of our surroundings and our interaction with the environment has now become a crucial aspect of the clothes we wear. Supporting eco-friendly dressmakers and craftsmanship is a way to help reduce carbon footprint. Here are five eco-friendly Thai brands that will not only help your wardrobe become more sustainable, but also uplift local communities and fight the exploitative culture of fast fashion.

1/5 Mr.Leaf

Photo: Courtesy of Mr.Leaf Thailand
Photo: Courtesy of Mr.Leaf Thailand

Mr.Leaf transforms foilage into one-of-a-kind fashion statements. All of their products, from handbags to wallets, are highly durable and water-resistant. With the goal to make outstanding goods, they have never forgotten to think about the environment as well as support the local community.

2/5 Mae Teeta

Mae Teeta is an eco-friendly fashion brand that has been passed on for three generations. Using an old fermentation technique called known as vat dyeing, Mae Teeta has been able to produce traditionally crafted clothes that stand out anywhere for their unique tailoring, colours and quality. 

3/5 Folkcharm

Folkcharm believes in respecting the craftsmanship and skills of Thai rural communities. They work with these communities to use natural, chemical-free materials and as little man-made materials that may bother nature as possible. Folkcharm harvests their chemical-free cotton after the rainy season to produce high quality fibres that are easy to care for, durable and also wear with great comfort. As a brand, their aim is to show younger generations that "tradition arts are worth conserving and can become an income-generating activity."

4/5 Taktai

Designer Kanjira Songpaisan is all about promoting Thainess through product made by local wisdom, and the brand TakTai was born out of an idea to create uniqueness from fabric made of Thai bamboo. With sights set on becoming an eco Thai fashion brand that breaks through to the international market, in addition to unique natural fibres, TakTai also incorporates recycled fibres and handcrafted fabrics by Thai artisans in its brand DNA to inspire others to live a simple life in harmony with nature.

5/5 Larinn

Two sisters had the idea to design shoes and accessories using local, hand-woven and naturally dyed textiles, and that's how Larinn came to be. Larinn is an expression of love for Tai textiles from the north of Thailand. All of the shoes are made with delicately-selected materials of various colours and naturally exude a casual style. Sourcing materials from HM the Queen Mother's SUPPORT foundation and weavers from the local villages, Larinn's aim is to sustain the local environment while producing truly special goods.

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