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Homes 5 Plants To Complete Your Designer Home

5 Plants To Complete Your Designer Home

5 Plants To Complete Your Designer Home
By Gareth Sheehan
September 02, 2018
A home without plants is just a house


(Photo: Courtesy of Orlova Maria/Unsplash)

These interior plants that will improve the aesthetic of any interior they are matched with, as well as satisfy the botanical enthusiast and impress the niche houseplant community.

"Prayer Plant" Maranta Leucomeura var Erythoneura

prayer plant.png

Photo: Courtesy of

Genus: Maranta. A prayer plant folds its leaves upward at night, as though in prayer, in response to light stimuli, which is a natural phenomenon known as photonasty. There are a number of varieties of the Prayer Plant, but the deep green, velvety leaves and thick magenta veins intersecting the leaves of the erythoneura are what make it my preference of the species.

Monstera Deliciosa—Variegata Thai Constellation

variegated-monstera-thai-constellation-variegated-indoor-plants-pistils-nursery-4.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of

Philodendron. Level up and be the toast of Instagram with a variegated monstera —a plant-lover’s staple with a Thai twist. This variegated philodendron will transform any interior to a superior version of itself solely by being present. As an epiphytic plant, it can be grown as a single standing plant, or as a wall climbing vine. (Fun fact about monsteras: the split leaf is a response to the dappled light environment beneath the jungle canopy and allows the leaf to cover maximum area with the energy required to produce a leaf in entirety.)

"Black Gold Philodendron" Philodendron Melanochrysum

kens philo mela.jpg

Image: Courtesy of

Philodendron. Another philodendron but one that seemingly sparkles in the light, the Philodendron melanocrysum's iridescent blackgreen velvet leaves can take on shades black and gold as its common name suggests. A handsome plant, in juvenile form it will produce small, two-four inch leaves while when matured can reach up to two feet and look spectacular. If your eye is good, it can on occasion be spotted around Bangkok, growing from plant installations at many trendy food places.

"Chinese Money Plant" Pilea Peperomioides


Image: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Pilea. Another popular benchmark variety for the houseplant enthusiast is the often hard to obtain Pilea peperomioides. The round, bright green leaves will break-up the monotony of a space and become a point of interest if you let it. Endemic to Yunnan , China, the Pilea found its way to Europe by way of a Norwegian missionary in the middle of the 20th century who gifted many cuttings to friends, initiating its place as a popular houseplant across Scandinavia.

Philodendron Gloriosum

gloriosum kens philo.jpg

Image: Courtesy of

Philodendron. Characterised by oversized broad leaves that are intersected by creamy veins, this nonclimbing philodendron can produce gorgeous velvety leaves up to an enormous three feet in size, guaranteed to glamourise any space it adorns. 

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