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Arts Culture 5 Female Illustrators Between The Lines (2/5): Nualtong & Pattreeda Prasarnthong

5 Female Illustrators Between The Lines (2/5): Nualtong & Pattreeda Prasarnthong

5 Female Illustrators Between The Lines (2/5): Nualtong & Pattreeda Prasarnthong
By Prijayanat Kalampasut
March 12, 2018
Thailand Tatler meets five artistic ladies who are helping to put Thai illustration on the world’s art map


Sister illustrators Nualtong and Pattreeda Prasarnthong

(Photographed at Gaysorn Village)

While sisters Nualtong and Pattreeda Prasarnthong are often spotted together and share the same passion for illustrating, each brings her own uniqueness and artistic style to the table. “I think my style is feminine and fashion oriented,” says Nualtong. “But I don’t like anything too girly or dainty either.” She enjoys illustrating on various surfaces such as wood and finding a way to harmonsiouly blend the two elements. Pattreeda’s work, on the other hand, conveys a more cartoony sketch-type composition, which often results from her attempt to capture people in their everyday lives without them knowing. 

The pair have collaborated with one another as well as with numerous establishments and brands. It’s a passion but it’s not always smooth sailing. “You can do what you love but when deadlines and specific requirements come into the equation, it can be stressful at times,” says Nualtong. “Anything that is a career, there will always be challenges,” adds Pattreeda. 


Photographed at Gaysorn Village

For Nualtong, each project she achieves brings her a different kind of pride and while Pattreeda feels the same, there is one project in particular which she holds dear. It’s a small story and colouring book for children in hospitals, intended to not only give them something enjoyable to do and lift their spirits, but also to teach them about the life and the achievements of the late King Rama IX. Unsurprisingly the two sisters share the same mantra when it comes to being an artist.

“I think in the globalised world we live in today, we are flooded with sources of inspiration,” says Pattreeda. “There is also so much art work out there and while we might find inspiration from other artists as well, I think the challenge for all of us is to stay true to yourself and to your own identity as an illustrator.”

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