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Travel 5 Cities Around The World With The Best Christmas Decorations

5 Cities Around The World With The Best Christmas Decorations

5 Cities Around The World With The Best Christmas Decorations
By Mari Carmen Dávila
By Mari Carmen Dávila
December 06, 2018
A checklist for hardcore fans of Christmas


As the end of the year approaches you might already be thinking about your next travel destination and, if you're huge on Christmas, what better way to spend your holidays than in a real winter wonderland full of gingerbread houses, Christmas markets, mulled wine and breathtaking decorations. We've gathered five cities around the world with the most beautiful decorations, fun events and great festive vibes this time of year to help you plan your winter itinerary.  

Bergen, Norway


Photo: Courtesy of Visit Bergen 

Christmas decorations in this little Norwegian town go over-the-top, and by over-the-top we mean “world's largest gingerbread town” over-the-top. At least half of the citizens of this town make contributions to build the most tasteful and magical gingerbread village each Christmas. When you visit, don’t forget to get a piece of the homemade gingerbread cookies as well as go up Mount Fløyen  for an enchanting view of the city and then come back down to the centre in the most appropriate way possible: by sleigh. 

Dresden, Germany

Dresden .jpg

Most European cities boast amazing Christmas markets at this time of year, but few turn into an entire Christmas village the way Dresden down. During December, the city is full of lights, song and Christmas tinkets and treats. There is also so much to do, including musical performances, theatre and admiring the city from a ferris wheel. You should also make sure to pay a visit to their famous old town Christmas market, Striezelmarkt, for the tastiest bite of currywurst.

Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA

Photo: Courtesy of  the Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce

Nantucket is a small island in Massachusetts that turns into pure winter wonderland as soon as the season starts. Costumed carolers, ugly sweater competitions, a Christmas market, ice skating and even an art show silent auction are some of the interesting activities you’ll find here. Don't miss the Nantucket Whaling Museum, which features at this time of year more than 80 Christmas trees decorated by local businesses and organisations. What's more is that decorations won't be your average Christmas balls, Santa Clauses, stars and angels. You will find things like lobster buoys, Barbie dolls and strobe lights hanging on American trees. 

Fredericksburg, Texas, USA

Another city in the US worth visiting for Christmas-sphere is Fredericksburg in the state of Texas. A town with a mixture of American southern hospitality and German tradition, you'll find a beautiful light-filled Marktplatz with a hand-carved, 26-foot tall, wooden Christmas pyramid and many fun events like the annual Tannenbaum Ball and an ice skating rink. What is perhaps most charming about Fredericksburg during Christmas time, however, are the decked out shops filled with one-of-a-kind treasures that can only be found here.

Prague, Czech Republic 

Christmas season in Prague is one of the most magical times of the year as it comes with an unforgettable atmosphere of Christmas trees and lights that make the city an absolute fantasy. Elegant old houses, palaces and towers, cobblestoned streets and baroque squares are filled with lights, markets and nativity scenes that will definitely make you feel like you are inside a Christmas movie.

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