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Toys5 Beautiful And Eco-Friendly Bottles You Should Own Right Now

5 Beautiful And Eco-Friendly Bottles You Should Own Right Now

5 Beautiful And Eco-Friendly Bottles You Should Own Right Now
By Mary Losmithgul
July 31, 2018
Get your daily dose of H2O and save the world while you’re at it

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Here at Thailand Tatler, we believe in hydration. We also believe in preserving our environment in any way we can. So when two causes near and dear to us merge , we can't help but to share the solution to the rest of you all, and a fashionable one for that. Here are five eco-friendly, highly functional and super stylish bottles to encourage those around you to drink water too.



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If you’re looking for eco-friendly and aesthetics, shop S’well. Sleek and stylish, the bottles come in various chic textures such as marble, matte pink topaz and even prints of tropical florals and teakwood. There’s also the added bonus of being BPA free. Ideal for anything and everything from a heated spin-class to a day at the office, the vacuum insulated stainless steel keeps your cool drinks cool and your hot drinks hot. You also don’t need to worry about condensation—three layers, including one made of copper, means you can trust your bottle to stay dry in your bag all day. You can even add a personalised monogram to make your bottle feel that much more special.



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A fun, spunky brand, Hydroflask bottles are for those who love a little adventure. Surprisingly lightweight for something so well-insulated, this is your go-to companion if you’re looking for a good, hassle-free way to stay hydrated while on the go. Whether you’re hustling in the office or hustling up a hillside trail, you can count on the vibrant, colourful bottles to serve you your drink, just as hot or cold as it was when you prepared it. As a playful twist, there’s a DIY element to the bottles too—you can customize them by mixing and matching the colours of the lid, strap and body for something truly tailored to your needs.


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If you’ve been out and about at all over the past few months you probably would’ve noticed the booming trend of Yeti’s—namely the chic, large Yeti tumblers people have been carrying around. The premium quality cooler brand originally created bottles for the outdoors-loving persona. Built to endure intense activities such as hunting and fishing, the bottles are now a popular staple everywhere, from the great outdoors to office desks and even university classrooms. High quality, colourful and straight-up cool, Yeti is taking the market by storm, and it’s about time we hopped on the wagon.

24 Bottles

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Similar to S’well, Italian brand 24 Bottles gives you a series of sleek and sustainable bottles to keep you hydrated. Designed to combine premium quality with an easy-to-carry form, the bottles are simple and sophisticated with a modern aesthetic. Choose between the lightweight single-walled Urban Bottle and the doubly insulated Clima, both of which come in a wide array of solid hues and textures. There’s even the option of getting your company logo printed on the bottles in bulk, if you’re looking to have a brand-associated water bottle that works for both marketing and hydration purposes.



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One of our personal favourites, Soma makes beautiful bottles that are both aesthetically stunning and sustainable. The Glass Water Bottle is high quality and shatterproof—paired with a soft silicone sleeve and leak-proof bamboo cap, the renewable bottle provides an exquisite addition to your desk. If you prefer coffee or tea over plain water, the Brew Bottle has you covered with its stainless steel filter, letting you take your cold brews with you on the move. What makes Soma even more special is that with every bottle purchased, a donation is made to their partner charity Water, a charity that supports global projects for safe drinking water.

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