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Homes Which Rolf Benz Sofa Do You Need For Your Home?

Which Rolf Benz Sofa Do You Need For Your Home?

Which Rolf Benz Sofa Do You Need For Your Home?
By Mary Losmithgul
October 26, 2018
Celebrating Bangkok's largest Oktoberfest, Euro Creations and Rolf Benz have unveiled a line of new products we desperately want in our homes

ROLF BENZ_Mera Sofa_06.jpg

On Friday October 19, Thailand’s leading distributor of luxury European furniture Euro Creations Co, Ltd paired up with renowned German brand Rolf Benz to host an exclusive party in Thonglor. While the German delicacies and beer led to an impressive evening of Bavarian-inspired fun, we had our sights set on the signature furniture pieces on show.

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ROLF BENZ_Alma Sofa_02.jpg

Established in 1964, Rolf Benz is known for premium quality avant-garde upholstery that offers optimum comfort with cutting edge designs. Here we’ve gathered the four sofas we need from the German brand’s latest releases.

For the relaxing, oasis-like home: Alma

ROLF BENZ_Alma Sofa_01.jpg

If you’re looking to create a little haven for yourself, the Alma sofa is just what you need to help relax and possibly fall asleep on when you get home. Gracefully thin legs make the sofa seem as if it were levatating off the group, while a newly-developed backrest provides a soft, pillow-like comfort when you recline. Backless upholstered benches and adjustable coffee tables can be rearranged to suit your preferences, giving you freedom in designing your own space to retreat and recuperate after long days out in the city.

For the cutting-edge, stylish home: Mera

ROLF BENZ_Mera Sofa_04.jpg

Less becomes more with the Rolf Benz Mera, which combines design aesthetics with optimised functionality. Various combinations of adjustable backrests, seats and side sections mean you can achieve a wide array of combinations and seating positions with just one sofa. Side sections can be moved flexibly for reclining, sitting cross-ways and many other ways—just the function for those who love cosy, intimate spaces. Who says you need an abundance of square metres to create a luxury home?

For the versatile, all-in-one home: Nova

ROLF BENZ_Nova Sofa_05.jpg

Maybe you’re the type who prefers scoring multiple birds with one stone instead of moving around every time you want something else. If you’re the no-fuss, everything in one place type, the Nova sofa has you covered. Whether you feel like sitting, lounging or even sleeping, the award-winning sofa will transform to suit your needs. Easily transformed from high-back seat to recliner to a bed or anything in between, the versatile piece of furniture would be the perfect edition to your home.

For the artsy, unconventional home: 684

pink chair.JPG

Not quite a sofa, but definitely one of the most eccentric armchairs around, the Rolf Benz 684 comes in a series of exciting colour and material combinations that aims to make your space pop. Expect flexibility and a variety of vibrant hues that you can mix and match between the seat and backrest.

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