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Wellness 4 New Products To Add To Your Cleansing Ritual

4 New Products To Add To Your Cleansing Ritual

4 New Products To Add To Your Cleansing Ritual
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
June 15, 2019
Lock your bathroom door and purify

We all know the skin needs to be clean in order to be healthy but what many may not realise is that washing your face as you usually do may not suffice. Beauty products like foundation and sunscreen all have a degree of water resistance and removing them is not as easy as you may think. Experiment, wipe your face with warm, white wash towel after cleansing your skin. But remember, a clean wash cloth that does not truly guarantee a sanitised, residue-less skin. Chemicals in sunscreen, not to mention all the pollution you come in contact with all day, do not necessary have a tint to them; and overlooking this can eventually lead to skin problems like eczema, acne, dullness and premature aging.

The “Putrity” line
The “Putrity” line

Every beauty parlor would emphasise the importance of a clean skin and the same goes for Paris Spa, a long-standing spa that won the trust of many affluent families in Thailand. Also a long-time distributor of the Swiss-based high-end beauty brand Valmont, Paris Spa recently had four new products to be integrated into their facial treatment, all focused on deep cleansing.  

With the aim for people to take pleasure in cleansing their skin, Valmont had established an extensive line of cleansers with varying textures catered to different complexions and enjoyment. Let us see what the brand has to offer.

1/4 Icy Falls

The Purity line is formulated with three main ingredients that will restore and maintain the equilibrium of the skin while deep cleansing your skin. Pro-biotics and yacon extract regulate the ecosystem on the skin and nutrient-rich glacial spring water vitalises cell metabolism and stimulates skin’s defence mechanism.

The Icy Falls is a jelly textured cleanser to be applied on dry made-up skin then washed off . The refreshing gel is light and has a slight cooling effect suitable for oily skin. The “icy” sensation does not merely awakens the skin but also act as an astringent.

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2/4 Wonder Falls

Valmont takes the senses into consideration when formulating their products. With natural ingredients, every product also has aromatherapeutic effect. Wonder Falls has a truly wondrous cream-to-oil texture. Massage the rich aromatic cream on to dry made-up skin to melt all trace of pigment then wash off with water.  This formula is enjoyable with its thick, luscious texture suitable for make-up addicts or for those full-coverage kind of day.

3/4 Bi-Falls

Specially designed for the eyes and lips, Bi-Falls removes all traces of even in the most dogged mascara and strongest lip tint, without brute force but the gentlest touch. 

4/4 Bubble Falls

For the perfect purge, finish your cleansing ritual with the luxurious, rich and dense Bubble Falls. A special foam pump dispenses thick bubbles that will envelop every nook and cranny of the skin.

Tatler Tip: Turn off the shower to hear of the sounds of small bubbles gently popping for that extra therapy in your cleansing ritual. 

Valmont is available for purchase at the Paris Spa at Alma Link on Chidlom. Make a visit to the spa for a Valmont cleansing facial with authorised and experience hands only. For more information visit

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