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Homes 3 Decor Trends To Watch In 2019

3 Decor Trends To Watch In 2019

3 Decor Trends To Watch In 2019
By Hong Xinying
January 05, 2019
The trending colours, materials and design styles expected to take over the world of interiors in the year ahead


Held annually in Frankfurt, Germany, Ambiente is one of the world's oldest and biggest consumer goods trade fair; it brings together a wide selection of tableware, furniture, decorative objects as well as kitchenware and household products from leading and emerging brands around the world.

Ahead of the upcoming fair, German design studio Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano shares their trend forecast for 2019.

 Joyful Ambience

Happy colour pairings (pictured top of the page) will be in vogue as interior styling increasingly becomes a form of self-expression.

Think lively tones of red, pink and green that are inspired by botanical themes and vintage prints. These vibrant tones pair well with an eclectic mix of geometric patterns and oversized decorative objects to create a playful and irreverent air.

 Natural Elements

To turn the bedroom into a peaceful and tranquil haven, look to softer colours inspired by nature and furnishings made with natural materials such as silk, hemp, wool, wood, stone and clay.

Artisan-made ceramics and hand-crafted details are on the rise, while designers continue to experiment with traditional craft techniques and recycling to ensure the sustainability of each design.

Rich Textures


A sophisticated material palette is essential to an elegant and timeless residence. Preferred materials for the year ahead will include hardwood, leather, velvet, velour and bouclé.

Quality craftsmanship continues to be important to the creation of showpieces made using these fabrics, which can be paired with pieces featuring polished surfaces such as porcelain or glass.

The Ambiente consumer goods trade fair will run from 8-12 February 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany. Visit to learn more.

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