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Arts Culture 10 Asian Artists On Instagram For Daily Design Inspiration

10 Asian Artists On Instagram For Daily Design Inspiration

10 Asian Artists On Instagram For Daily Design Inspiration
By Tania Jayatilaka
July 26, 2018
Scroll down for your daily dose of inspiration

From photographers and embroidery artists to henna specialists and masters of illusion, these Asian Instagram artists are just too cool to ignore.

 1. Sheena Liam

06220625-Sheena2_resized_1080x1080.jpgSome people doodle their self-portraits, but the former Asia’s Next Top Model winner Sheena Liam prefers embroidery to do the same. The Malaysia-born model and artist is engaged to Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic whose own Instagrammable street art murals in George Town have gained worldwide acclaim.

Photo: @Sheena Liam on Instagram

 2. Dain Yoon

06154926-2-min_resized_1080x1080.pngNo one does body and face paintings quite like renowned South Korean makeup artist Dain Yoon. Her mind-bending illusions are will make you look twice and think twice before trusting your own eyes.  

Follow her at @designdain

 3. Izziyana Suhaimi

06215612-Izziyana-2_resized_1080x1080.jpgA fiber artist since 2008, Singapore native Izziyana adds an extraordinary dimension to sketches on a regular canvas with beautiful hand-woven and hand- embroidered patterns on paper.

Follow her at @izziyanasuhaimi

 4. Sneha Shrestha

06161803-3-min_resized_1080x1080.pngNepali painter and graffiti artist Sneha Shrestha likes to incorporate elements of Sanskrit scriptures in her artwork. Her achievements go well beyond epic Instagram posts - she founded the first Children’s Art Museum in Nepal, later completing several commissioned street art projects in the US.

Follow her at @imagine876

 5. Mok Zijie

06161802-4-min_resized_1080x1080.pngSingaporean artist Mok Zijie uses watercolour paints to illustrate miniature houses, buildings and plants - if you like what you see on his Instagram, check out which of his prints are available for sale on Etsy.

Follow him at @artcrop

 6. Aaron Pinto

06154536-4_resized_1080x1080.pngWatch for Mumbai-based Aaron Pinto’s captivating digital artwork on his Instagram page – a curious mix of colours, unconventional patterns, and provocative messages that will stick in your mind long after you put your phone aside.

Follow him at @kidsquidy


06163011-1-min_resized_1080x1080.pngShanghai photographer NKCHU may work from behind a cloak of anonymity, but that doesn’t stop him and his drone from capturing remarkable scenes of city life within Shanghai, Hong Kong and other cityscapes around the world.

Follow him at @nk7

 8. Aaron C

06221308-aaroncwl_resized_1080x1080.jpgWhen he's not painting his way through Instagram with elaborate mandalas and other quirky designs, Aaron works on projects in the community at Sibu (be sure to check out the floral-fancy street mural he created for the Sibu Street Art Festival this year.)

Follow him on @aaroncwl

 9. Takashi Murakami

06154927-3-min_resized_1080x1080.pngVersatile and eccentric in one sitting is Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami - the same artist who designed the cover art for Kanye West's album, Graduation. Scroll through his Instagram feed for a chance to see the world through his unconventionally quirky artistic lens.     

Follow him at @takashipom

 10. Agi Putra Aspian

06230925-Adiputra_resized_1080x1080.jpgThe commercial-worthy flat lays and suave styling in this Indonesian photographer's Instagram collection will give you enough artsy feels to last a century.        

Follow him at @agiputraaspian



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