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Arts Culture '171003 The Queen’s Art Gallery': A Showcase Of Artwork From Across 3 Continents

'171003 The Queen’s Art Gallery': A Showcase Of Artwork From Across 3 Continents

'171003 The Queen’s Art Gallery': A Showcase Of Artwork From Across 3 Continents
By Mary Losmithgul
October 20, 2018
Once you’re done exploring Bangkok Art Biennale 2018, here’s where you should head to next

Japan Noriko Kinouchi.jpeg

Artist: Noriki Kinouchi from Japan

After over five years spent in Bangkok, HE Andelfo Garcia the Ambassador of Colombia and his wife Mme Astrid Amaya will be leaving the country. As part of their farewell, Mme Astrid has organised an art exhibition, to be showcased at the Queen Sirikit Gallery.

Thailand Wal Chirachaisakul.jpg

Artist: Wal Chirachaisakul from Thailand

Titled ‘171003 The Queen’s Art Gallery’, the exhibition will showcase work by 17 internationally renowned artists, hailing from 10 different countries across three different continents. The international art exhibition is part of an effort to promote the flourishing contemporary art scene in Bangkok by encouraging the appreciation and use of public art spaces. It also pays homage to the five-storied exhibition space—a part of the Queen Mother’s initiative of promoting Thai art.

Chile Denise Petit (1).jpg

Artist: Denise Petit from Chile

Visitors can expect artwork created by names ranging from Iranian artist Arash Groyan to Colombian artist Leonardo Salazar and Japanese new media artist Noriko Kinouchi. Thailand is also represented amongst the global names by Thai artist, printmaker and painter Wal Chirachaisakul. With Bangkok’s first Bangkok Art Biennale happening this month, these events contribute to putting Thailand out there on the global art stage, while sparking dialogue between Thailand and other diplomatic communities through art. Those looking to continue their contemporary art streak after exploring the BAB shouldn’t miss out on this exhibition either.

Iran Arash Groyan.jpg
Artist: Arash Groyan from Iran

Cuba Yamile Pardo (1).jpg

Artist: Yamile Pardo from Cuba

Mexico Cesar Arechga (1).jpg

Artist: Cesar Arechga from Mexico

Argentina Ernesto Morales.jpg

Artist: Ernesto Morales from Argentina

Colombia Leonardo Salazar (1).jpg

Artist: Leonardo Salazar from Colombia

Yoav Brener - Fundamental mathematic.jpg

Artist: Yoav Brener from Israel

Lunch at Queen's Gallery 3.JPG

Lunch at the Queen Sirikit Gallery

Opening TaT(L.toR.)Mr.Robert Millar- HM Shrewsbury SS,K.Kris Narongdej-CEO KPN Group,Mme Astrid-CEO AOTAart,K.Chuan Leekpai-Former PM,Ms.Linda Cheng-MD of RCB,Mr.Chatvichai P.-BACC.jpg

Headmaster of Shrewsbury International School Robert Millar, KPN Group CEO Kris Narongdej, AOTA Art CEO Mme Astrid Amaya, former prime minister Chuan Leekpai, managing director of River City Bangkok Linda Cheng and BACC board member Chatvichai Promadhattavedi

Queen's Gallery 1.JPG

The Queen Sirikit Gallery interior

The Queen's Gallery 2.jpg

The Queen Sirikit Gallery

An opening reception will be held on October 26, featuring live music and an evening of cocktails, while the artwork will be made open to public until November 5. For more information on other upcoming events at the Queen Sirikit Gallery, visit


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