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Toys What You Need To Know About The New MacBook Air

What You Need To Know About The New MacBook Air

What You Need To Know About The New MacBook Air
By Tatler Thailand
December 05, 2020
Don't be fooled by its cover, the new MacBook Air packs a punch on the inside

After the launch of the four iPhone 12 models this year, Apple announced the new MacBook Air during its 'One More Thing' virtual event. The new MacBook Air is the thinnest and lightest notebook packed with the powerful Apple M1 chip everybody is talking about. "The introduction of three new Macs featuring Apple’s breakthrough M1 chip represents a bold change that was years in the making and marks a truly historic day for the Mac and for Apple," said Apple CEO Tim Cook. Even though the new model looks almost identical to the older one, it boasts plenty of exciting upgrades. Here's what to look forward to. 


Apple M1 Chip


Since 2005, Mac computers have been using Intel chips although iPhones and iPad have been using their own chips for years. After years of research and experimentation, Apple's first homemade chip specifically designed for Macs is introduced under the name M1 chip. The new innovation promises incredible performance, custom technologies and revolutionary power efficiency. The M1 chip combines the processor, I/O, security and memory in a single chip, and with the 5-nanometer process technology, the small chip is able to pack in 16 billion transistors, allowing an increase in battery life, CPU performance and faster-integrated graphics. M1 also merges together high-bandwidth and low-latency memory together, improving performance and power efficiency dramatically. Gamers will experience faster and more detailed videos than previous models. 

Faster CPU


In all Macs, M1's 8-core CPU is the most efficient, putting together four performance cores and four efficiency cores that work well to tackle tasks. The smooth operation helps save battery life. When it comes to low-power silicon, the CPU claims to be the world's fastest. 

Faster Graphics & Long Battery Life

The 8-core GPU is the most advanced and the world's fastest integrated graphics in a personal computer. Capable of executing nearly 25,000 threads simultaneously, it is five times faster in graphic performance. For designers and video editors, the new MacBook Air can handle graphics-intensive jobs like video editing without frames lagging in full quality 4K playbacks. If you use Final Cut Pro, you will experience 5.3 times faster 3D title render speed.

As for the battery life, the 18 hours of battery life will save you six hours of charging. 

Advanced Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) helps apps to build and apply models based on vast amounts of data from tasks as simple as identifying faces in photos and videos to more complex ones like interpreting natural language for dictation and filtering laughter, applause and other sounds. Everything is processed by the machine for privacy. 

The M1 chip is engineered for Machine Learning and the CPU, GPU and Neural Engine are all created for different types of ML workloads with the ML performance controller allocating different tasks for optimised performance. With two ML accelerators, the matrix multiplication will execute as fast as one trillion operations per second. 

More Vibrant Retina Display

Visuals on the new MacBook Air are ever more detailed thanks to the 13.3 inch, 1560 x 1600 resolution Retina display. With higher pixel density and 25 per cent more colours than sRGB, the screen displays sharper and clearer texts and images are much more vibrant. The MacBook Air also automatically adjusts the white point of your display according to the colour temperature of your environment for a natural and comfortable viewing experience. 

Better Camera & Mics

There will be no more blurry FaceTime calls with the image signal processor in the M1 chip. The FaceTime HD camera will show clearer images with more details in shadows and highlights. With the help of the Neural Engine, face detection will adjust the white balance and exposure automatically. There are three built-in microphones that will capture everything you say with great precision.  

The Perfect Keyboard

The keyboard now comes with reprogrammed shortcuts, allowing easier access to the most relevant features. Whether you are talking to Siri, switching keyboard languages or finding the right emoji, Spotlight is there to help. Dictation and Do Not Disturb keys also replace launchpad and keyboard brightness. In addition, the type pad boasts a refined scissor mechanism that delivers the best typing experience with precise control of the Touch trackpad for easier room to swipe, pinch or zoom. Meanwhile, Touch ID allows you to unlock your MacBook Air with ease to access documents without needing to reenter your password. When shopping online via Apple Pay, Touch ID automatically fills in your shipping and billing information.

Seamless Compatibility

The new model supports the next generation Wi-Fi 6, which keeps your Mac stronger while allowing  more devices to join the network. The Thunderbolt or USB 4 combines data transferring, charging and video output all into one single port. You can also enjoy 6K external display and data transfer of up to 40 GB per second.


The new MacBook Air is available in 256GB storage for 32,900 baht and 41,400 baht for the 512GB. Order yours now at

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