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Drinks TWG Tea: A Sensory Tea Experience Right In The Heart Of Bangkok

TWG Tea: A Sensory Tea Experience Right In The Heart Of Bangkok

TWG Tea: A Sensory Tea Experience Right In The Heart Of Bangkok
By Siriya Kallayasiri
November 12, 2020
The Emporium plays host to a long-forgotten tradition with TWG Tea

For thousands of years, tea drinking has been a simple pleasure that many have enjoyed around the world, and much like many other curious things, the story of tea begins in China. According to the legend, in 2737 BC, the emperor Shen Nung was sitting beneath a Camellia sinensis tree whilst his servant boiled drinking water over a simmering fire. Suddenly a strong wind came and blew some of the leaves from the tree into the pot of boiling water. Shen Nung, a renowned herbalist, decided to wait for the leaves to infuse in the boiling water, not knowing then that he and his servant had accidentally created something that billions of people would be enjoying for many thousands of years to come.

Founded in Singapore in 2007, TWG Tea began as a luxury tea house in Raffle’s Place. During its first year of production, TWG Tea saw amazing success with Dean & Deluca, New York quickly offering representation to the brand, a moment which would eventually lead to international acclaim.

Within a span of only a few years, TWG Tea has opened boutiques and salons in over 16 countries around the world, delivering the very best in tea and tea-infused dishes for you to enjoy.

Entering The Emporium, Bangkok, on the ground floor, you can’t help but notice the familiar branding and style that is TWG Tea. It looks just like a palace, with chocolate and gold marble flooring and a beautiful surrounding of tempered glass balustrading.  The furniture is cosy and welcoming, with each of the tables wrapped with ribboned tablecloth.

There are two ways to experience TWG Tea. One is to simply sit, order one of their 800 different tea varieties from every tea producing country in the world and watch the world go by. The other is to dive deep into this perfect symbiotic masterpiece of tea, pastries, macarons and cuisine.

You are only limited by your imagination. TWG Tea presents breathtaking desserts displayed in brilliant and sparkling glass display cases, almost put there just to tease you. The macarons are laid out in a plethora of soft and inviting colours and flavours, infused with your favourite teas and sweet delights. The cheesecakes are decorated seemingly by the hand of God Himself, and the high tea experience will leave your mouth watering and desperate to create more room in your belly.

It is decadence at a new level and it doesn’t stop there. The menu comprises a perfectly balanced collection of western and European dishes that cater perfectly to those of you who possess a more savoury palate. Their prawns are to die for and their Croque Imperial with its buttery and lightly toasted exterior will make you think you’ve died and gone to heaven.


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