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Digest The St. Regis Bangkok Introduces New Tea Blend With Inspired Jewellery

The St. Regis Bangkok Introduces New Tea Blend With Inspired Jewellery

The St. Regis Bangkok Introduces New Tea Blend With Inspired Jewellery
By Mary Losmithgul
May 04, 2018
Designer Bao Bao Wan creates a piece for St. Regis' famous Afternoon Tea Ritual


High tea may be a social media trend today, but the custom holds a much more profound cultural significance. Afternoon tea dates back to the 19th Century when Anna the seventh Duchess of Bedford would experience hunger pangs at around four in the afternoon. Back in the day, people would have dinners fashionably late, at around eight in the evening, so to appease her stomach growls the Duchess would ask for a pot of tea and a light snack—typically cakes and bread and butter—to be brought into her room. The idea was so enjoyable, the duchess soon began inviting her closest friends to join her, and other socialites quickly picked-up on the practice.


Since the introduction of afternoon tea by the Duchess of Bedford, the St. Regis has been known worldwide for its adaptation of the practice—The St. Regis Afternoon Tea Ritual—turning afternoon tea into a form of private social gathering held exclusively for society’selites. Since the St. Regis brought afternoon tea into its hotel—like the duchess' peers—other hotels followed suit, resulting in the prevalence of high tea today. 

To celebrate St. Regis’ legendary afternoon tea tradition this year, the hotel has invited Chinese jewellery designer Bao Bao Wan to created a limited edition piece of jewellery. The result is a teapot-shaped pendant in exquisite 18K rose gold, inlaid with diamonds and bearing the St. Regis monogram on its handle. A red ruby also rests elegantly on the teapot’s lid—a reference to the brand’s signature colour. The piece holds special meaning to the designer's heritage, reflecting her personal perception of the juxtaposition between Western and Oriental tea culture.

strls-235916-Wan Bao Bao - Portrait-Med.jpg

Jewellery designer Bao Bao Wan

Bao Bao Wan's limited jewellery piece is introduced with an all new tea blend, the St. Regis Exclusive Blend. A combination of loose-leaf green, black and jasmine tea, the new blend also has hints of nuts and white chocolate and a floral aftertaste. 

Enjoy this new signature blend at The St. Regis Bangkok’s Afternoon Tea, while indulging in great views of RBSC and Bangkok's cityscape. The afternoon tea set comes with a selection of divine sweets and savoury bites, ranging from Norwegian salmon gravlax to picturesque pistachio eclairs. And, you can order Bao Bao Wan's lovely pendant at The St. Regis online boutique.



strde-235918-Teapot Pendant-Med.jpg

strde-235920-Teapot Pendant-Med.jpg

strls-235915-Wan Bao Bao - Portrait-Med.jpg

Bao Bao Wan

strde-235922-Teapot Pendant-Med.jpg

strde-235917-Teapot Pendant-Med.jpg

For more information or to book yourself an afternoon of fancy high tea, dial 0-2207-7777 or visit


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