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Digest#TatlerGuide: What To Eat At Gaysorn Village

#TatlerGuide: What To Eat At Gaysorn Village

#TatlerGuide: What To Eat At Gaysorn Village
By Mary Losmithgul
May 18, 2018
What Gaysorn Food Culture 2018 has to offer

Food lovers have more reason to head to upscale Ratchaprasong area now, as Gaysorn Village gathers over 20 of the most exciting new restaurants, pairing them with exclusive menu items for an unmissable kind of food experience. From stylish cafes to adventurous Thai food and classy omakase sushi, here are the top must-eat spots at Gaysorn Village, as well as our recommended menu for each. Get your appetites ready, foodies!

The Designer Cafe: Boyy & Son Cafe

If you’re an active instagrammer, chances are you’ve scrolled past this ultra-chic diner on your newsfeed these past few months. A new favourite amongst foodies and insta-famous bloggers, Boyy & Son Cafe is a lifestyle extension of renowned handbag brand Boyy’s classy flagship store. Interior-wise, expect a blend of pastel hues—trendy 70s-esque pinks and baby blues—and sophisticated terrazzo. For F&B, you can get your morning cuppa—served in a trendy stone glass because style is everthing here—and give your day a happy start with a freshly baked croissant. Since the place is clearly insta-famous, you may have to put up with a bit of queueing, but the stylish atmosphere is worth the wait. 

Recommended Menu: Not sure what to try? A signature here is the Chocolate Mint with Coconut Croissant, a drink of intense velvety dark choc and refreshing mint served with a freshly baked coconut cream-filled croissant sprikled over with dried coconut flakes. A unique and decadent way to kick-start your morning, the drink is a beautiful shade of turquoise, so you can get both morning boost and insta-snap in one go.

The Coffee-Centric Cafe: iBerista

For those just looking for a good cup of joe sans complications at Gaysorn Village, iBerry group’s latest coffee venture is the place to head to. Get iBerista's specialty blends of high quality American or African beans in your favourite form of coffee, from espresso to piccolo and flat white. There are also some bakery items and non-caffeinated beverages, such as the Ginger Fizz, so your non-coffee drinking friends can be happy too.

Recommended Menu: Go for the iBerista Latte Special for good coffee with a playful touch. The drink tops a refreshing iced latte with iBerry's premium Hokkaido milk ice cream. Rich and absolutely delicious, this is how you want to start your morning.

The High Tea Lounge: 1823 Tea Lounge By Ronnefeldt

With incredibly nuanced tea flavours, this internationally-renowned German tea house is a must for tea lovers looking to try some exciting new blends. The interior sees charming gold accents and elegant marble tabletops, reminiscent of classic European tea salons. Panoramic windows allow for natural lighting and pleasant views for an idyllic day of relaxation. An impressive menu of dishes complemented by teas make it worthwhile to visit during lunch hours as well.

Recommended Menu: Simply dubbed Boeuf, this signature dish highlights tender range valley black angus beef tenderloin. Served with an aromatic mixed mushroom gratin, wine sauce and potato dauphinoise—the tea house’s unique take on potato au gratin—the dish is a blend of rich savoury flavours that goes well with the Ronnefeldt Bangkok Blend Tea, a blend of oolong tea and tropical fruits such as papaya and pineapple that you can only get at the only Ronnefeldt tea lounge in Bangkok. 

The Bakery: Eric Kayser

All this talk of croissants setting off your cravings for a serious patisserie? Eric Kayser has you covered on that front. The famed French artisan bakery boasts exceptional croissants—the flaky, buttery kind you try once and continue craving forever—along with an impressive selection of pastries and beverages.

Recommended Menu: Of course, take the croissant route. The Mini Smoked Salmon Charcoal Croissant Sandwich is served exclusively at Gaysorn Village, offering a special combo of charcoal croissant—prepared using burnt Japanese bamboo—and smoked norwegian salmon, topped with rocket and capers. It's one healthy, hearty dish that’ll go with any beverage.


The Classic Thai: Kub Kao Kub Pla

As far as classic Thai favourites go, Kub Kao Kub Pla is a familiar name. With a reliable menu of delightful Thai staples, the restaurant continuously serves up a delicious variety of enticing flavours. A refined interior of hanging glass lamps and sophisticated leather sofas matched with quality dishes lets you enjoy Thai comfort food with a contemporary and classy twist. Blending good food and good vibes, Kub Kao Kub Pla prevails as the ideal spot to meet and catch up with old friends.

Recommended Menu: The Roti with Lamb Massaman Curry is a must-try at the Gaysorn Village branch. Expect an incredibly tender lamb shank, marinated and prepared sous vide for 48 hours before it is grilled for a perfectly juicy and flavourful result. The soft meat is paired with rich massaman curry, complemented by crispy roti and a refreshing side of pickles and cucumbers.

The Adventurous Thai: De Tummour

One of the many things that makes Thai food so great is the number of approaches and categories there are to the cuisine. For an upscale take on vibrant, flavourful Northeastern Thai cuisine, De Tummour serves original spicy dishes from the region in a sophisticated, elegant setting at the heart of Bangkok's city centre. This is where to be on those days you crave the intensely colourful flavours of Isaan, but just don't want to scour the street for that sweaty hole-in-the-wall. 

Recommended Menu: Found only at Gaysorn Village, the Deep Fried Spicy Chicken Wings is truly a must-try. The deep-fried chicken wings are the kind of juicy that’s out of this world, marinated with dried Thai chili peppers and a variety of herbs and spices. What makes this divine dish even better is the ‘jaew bong’ paste, a signature Thai chili paste dipping. Have it deliciously with hot sticky rice. 

The Omakase Joint: Umi

Ever-popular omakase joint Umi has finally branched out from Piman49, bringing some of Bangkok’s best sushi to Gaysorn Village. With the freshest ingredients directly sourced from Japan’s best fish markets—Tsukiji, Kashiwa and Kawasaki—Umi’s omakase is truly an unmissable experience for lovers of Japanese cuisine. A small door leads into a brightly lit and intimate setting, where bite-sized masterpieces are served.

Recommended Menu: The Highlight Omakase. Start with the seasonal menu of Hotaru Ika Tataki (available from March to May), a dish of Hotaru squid soft-boiled, grilled and served with sliced spring onions, sesame and soybean sauce. The Chutoro Zuk sees medium fatty bluefin tuna marinated with a soybean sauce unique to Umi, served with sushi rice. Then comes Ezo Awabi, fresh abalone steamed in a special Kombu seaweed broth, and the Kuruma Ebi, premium tiger prawn boiled in a secret recipe soup. The final Tamago Yaki is Umi’s unique take on the classic Japanese egg roll, cooked with fish and presented in three soft layers, each with its own texture. 

The High-End Shabu-Shabu: Nabezo Premium

With top quality ingredients directly imported from Japan, Nabezo Premium gives you the perfect place for an indulgent yet undeniably classy dining experience. Go because you can’t get as incredible Japanese beef selections or juicy and tender kurobuta pork at any other shabu joint in town

Recommended Menu: Opt for Nabezo Premium’s new menu, the incredibly enticing Hokkaido Taraba Kani, which features a decadent crab-based broth. The highlight of the dish is of course the taraba king crab from Hokkaido.

The Classy Wine Bar: Riedel Wine Bar & Cellar:

Riedel Wine Bar & Cellar gives you over 200 labels of exclusive artisan wine in a refined setting dominated by natural dark wood decor. More impressive than the extensive wine-list is that over 40 of the labels are available by the glass, thanks to a top-notch wine dispenser that allows up to 40 open bottles to be stored. There’s also an open balcony where you can look out at the Ratchaprasong skyline, as well as a private room. And, if you’re into Mediterranean-Italian cuisine, you’ll be into what’s served here.

Recommended Menu: The signature here is the Ultimate Seafood Tower, a generous platter of the best beneath the sea. Expect a selection of Irish rock oysters, bouchot mussels, spanner crab, langoustines, crawfish, canadian lobsters and even more! The tower can be enjoyed by over four people and can be paired with a bottle of sparkling. It’s only available on weekends but if you’re planning to pop by on a weekday, don’t fret—order the Iberico Pork, which is so tender and juicy you would think it was beef.

The Speakeasy Bar: Duke

Speakeasy vibes meets boundary-pushing art in this spacious whiskey-slash-cigar-bar-slash-gallery. Past the obscure entrance, expect an expansive setting where you can sip on good whiskey and smoke cigars while immersed in visual expressions of creativity. Comfortable leather sofas give the space a loungey feeling, encouraging you to make yourself at home and enjoy the night. You can even opt for soundproof private rooms for a little more privacy, and there’s a hidden back entrance for extra VIP clients.

Recommended Menu: When at Duke, go for the Artiste de Duc, a drink that features French cognac that has been aged for over a decade. The peachy aroma pairs nicely with a fine cigar and the alcohol isn't light either. Order a cheese platter to go with your drink for a fulfilling experience.

For more information, visit Gaysorn Village's official Facebook Page, and don't forget to add the hashtag #EatAtGaysorn on your posts to be part of the fun foodie community!


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