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Digest 6 Specialty Burgers To Order In Bangkok

6 Specialty Burgers To Order In Bangkok

6 Specialty Burgers To Order In Bangkok
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
May 08, 2020
Decadent cheese-patty-bun bites for your languorous days

From time to time, we love spoil our high taste buds with guilty pleasures like burgers and chips. However, as we can't leave the château in such times to queue up at our favourite fast-food joints, delivery's the way to go. Because even though many restaurants are opening their doors to diners, it is not yet advisable to wander around town for pleasure's sake like before. Thus, Tatler Thailand has scoped out several special burgers that can be delivered to your not-so-humble abode. 

1/6 Wagyu Burger with Foie Gras—Stage

Absolutely decadent is this Wagyu burger with an optional seared foie gras topping that's so hard to refuse. The dish is completed with Emmental cheese and balanced with apple and onion marmalade. Stage is a relatively new restaurant, but the reputation and skills of the team are far from amateur. Check their delivery menu here.

359/2 Ekamai Complex
Delivers daily, 11am-8pm
02 002 5253,


2/6 Broccoli Quinoa Burger—Broccoli Revolution

Broccoli Revolution's quinoa burger promises satisfaction to all. Vegan-friendly and enjoyable even for meat-eaters, the quinoa patty is made from protein-rich grains and is served with plain or charcoal buns. While you enjoy your healthy bites of this burger, the money you paid for it will go to support children from Sati Foundation. Discover more of their delivery menu here.

Broccoli Revolution
899 Sukhumvit Road
Delivers daily, 10am-8pm
095 251 9799,

3/6 Masala Burger—Punjab Grill

Indian restaurant Punjab Grill gets creative with playful reinterpretations of American foods with Indian twists. Spiced the Northern Punjabi style, the masala burgers here are ready to be delivered with three different patty options: mutton, chicken and vegetable. Find the full delivery menu here



Punjab Grill

Restaurant, $$, Indian, Bangkok

4/6 Manhattan Monster Burger—New York Style Steak & Burger

If you are in for a big, big munch, New York Style Steak & Burger's the one for you. We wonder how anyone can actually take a bit of the massive Manhattan Monster Burger. Layers of crispy bacon, cheddar cheese, fried egg, onion rings, lettuce, homemade pickles and fresh tomato alone make the width of huge burger, and we haven't even gotten to the patty and buns yet! Discover more here.

New York Style Steak & Burger
28, Sukhumvit Soi 22
Delivers daily, 11.30am-12am
02 262 0920,

5/6 Garlic Tamarind Beef Burger—Ad Hoc

The chef at AdHoc never stops with his creativity. The private chef's table is now delivering delicious Thai fusion options, one of which is the garlic tamarind beef burger. Choose between beef brisket or patty. The buns are made of chewy pretzel, and the burger is stuffed with caramelised onions, cheese and the signature smoked chilli garlic tamarind sauce. The meal also includes purple potato wedges on the side. See the delivery menu here.

Ad Hoc
36/22 Soi Phrom Si 1 
Delivers daily, 10am-8pm
065 143 1111,

6/6 Thai Basil & Plara Sauce Burger—25 Degrees Bangkok

For something different at the famous 25 Degrees Bangkok, try the burger with a little northeastern Thai touch. A combination of Thai basil, traditional Isaan pla-ra sauce, crispy chicken skin, pickled green papaya, banana blossom and the succulent beef patty, this burger is an exotic one like no other on our list. Otherwise, you can browse through their exciting list of burgers here.

25 Degrees Bangkok
Pullman Bangkok Hotel G, 188 Si Lom

Delivers daily, 11am-10pm
02 352 4192,

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