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Digest A New Scalini Promises To Leave You Doing The Scarpetta By The End Of The Meal

A New Scalini Promises To Leave You Doing The Scarpetta By The End Of The Meal

A New Scalini Promises To Leave You Doing The Scarpetta By The End Of The Meal
Oven baked seafood pasta
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
November 27, 2019
Enjoy bistecca with negroni from the restaurant's new menu

Scalini has been an Italian staple in Bangkok for a few years now, but its recent makeover offers a reason to get reacquainted with the restaurant. Praised for its authenticity in Italian cuisine, Scalini never stops presenting diners with new tastes of Italy. One of the ways Italians express their love for food is with the act of scarpetta, or using bread to mop up the remaining juice on the dish, enjoying the dish to the very last drop so to speak. This is exactly what you will be doing at the new Scalini. Before the feast begins, selections of oysters, cold-cuts and cheese at the bar summon you to warm up your palette and tummy for the feast ahead. Homemade focaccia is also served with olives and dips like pesto, salsa and balsamic. It is tempting to finish the delicious soft bread, but remember to keep some for the scarpetta.


Arancini, risotto balls
Fritto misto di mare, fried seafood platter
Focaccia bread

Small bites and sharing platters here really get you excited. The fritto misto offers possibly the best crispy seafood in town and the arancini con ragù, or fried cheese rice ball, is packed with tender meat inside that explodes joy in your mouth. But of course, judge an Italian restaurant by their pasta. The oven-baked seafood pasta comes with a thin bread covering—scarpetta opportunity—and is to be shared family-style. 

Bistecca: roasted garlic & black truffle marinade
Bistecca: roasted garlic & black truffle marinade

The real deal here though is chef’s juicy bistecca. Cooked to your preference, the Italian style steak is served with a choice of three rich marinades: spicy Nam Tog Raab for a Thai twist, the Italian classic (roasted garlic and black truffle) or the French spicy foie gras. Choose your sauce and enjoy the tender, succulent meat while sipping a glass of Negroni. 

2nd floor, Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok Hotel, Sukhumvit Soi 24
02-620-6666, website


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