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DrinksQ&A Bar’s Latest Campaign Opens A New Portal To Classic Cocktails

Q&A Bar’s Latest Campaign Opens A New Portal To Classic Cocktails

Q&A Bar’s Latest Campaign Opens A New Portal To Classic Cocktails
By Mika Apichatsakol
July 03, 2017
You’ll need a special passport and deck of cards

Since it opened its unmarked doors in 2015, Q&A Bar has been on a mission to raise the standards of Bangkok’s cocktail scene. Through atmosphere and interior alone, the message is clear: you don’t come here to get unattractively wasted — there are other places in town for that — you come here to have one helluva sophisticated drinking experience. And what’s more sophisticated than the classics?

Forget the fancies and get back to the basics, says Q&A. Sounds like a simple invitation but how many varieties of classic cocktails have you actually tried? Because the bar team here won’t be impressed with an answer of just martinis and old fashioneds. They want you to truly explore the realm of classic cocktails; they want to take you on a journey — so much so that they’ve prepared your itinerary and passport, as well as a few guiding tools to help you be on your way.

The Cocktail Journey is the name of Q&A Bar’s latest creative campaign to boost your knowledge and appreciation of time-tested mixed drinks. Here’s what you need to know about it:

Travel Documents

To commence, you first need to acquire a few “travel documents” by ordering your first four classic cocktails for the night at the price of 2,000 baht. What comes next is you’ll be handed your very own official Cocktail Journey passport — to be safely and conveniently stashed at the bar — and a special deck of playing cards featuring delectable photography and facts on 52 different classic drinks.

The Number 52

The number 52 is an important motif in this cocktail journey. Yes, you’ve guessed it, there are a total of 52 classic cocktails to try. But don’t worry, you’ve got all the time in the world. Your passport contains 13 pages with four stamp slots each, corresponding with your playing cards' four suites of 13 values, from ace to king. For each drink you conquer, you’ll receive a corresponding stamp in your passport. There are 52 different stamps.

You don’t have to try your classics in any certain succession, however, how they are organized in your passport reveal a fascinating backstory about each of them. Take for example, the first page of four cocktails titled “Circle: The Perfect Mixture”. These are the simplest and purest of classic cocktails made from the mixture of exactly two ingredients. As you travel through the pages, the drinks become increasingly complex in terms of their preparation and origin. Page five, “Pentagram: The Cultural Impression”, for instance, groups drinks tied to pop culture phenomena, such as the Mary Pickford and Mick Jagger’s favourite, Tequila Sunrise. The thirteenth and final page features the most complicated geometry, the Metatron Cube, which represents bonkers like the Blue Blazer and the good ole Bloody Mary.

Personalise Your Passport

When you’ve sobered up, you need to register your information and photo online for them to be scanned into your passport, just like the real deal. If it sounds like a lot of effort was put into this campaign, it was. The creative director of Q&A Bar, Vudi Somboonkulavudi, shares that coming up with the concept itself took six months. The production of visuals, including the passport, deck of cards, 52 unique stamps and an official passport registration site, took another two months.

Ultimate Goal

What happens when you collect your 52th stamp? Lifetime membership, baby. As well as, of course, the pride of being a champ of classic cocktails.

For more information on The Cocktail Journey or Q&A Bar, visit  

Q&A Bar, 235/13 soi Sukhumvit 21; 0-2664-1445


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