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Digest Pre-Order Your Mooncakes At These Two Hotels

Pre-Order Your Mooncakes At These Two Hotels

Pre-Order Your Mooncakes At These Two Hotels
By Mary Losmithgul
June 29, 2018
For those who take their mooncakes seriously


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With the upcoming mid-autumn festival, our favourite five star hotels are already beginning to get a head start on their mooncake game. For those looking to also get a head start on your mid-autumn festival gifts, here’s where you can pre-order some of the best mooncakes in town with early bird discounts.

Erawan Bakery, Grand Hyatt Erawan

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Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok is back with its adventurous selection of mooncakes. Flavours such as Pandan & Coconut (voted Best Flavour by Gourmet & Cuisine in 2017), Cocoa Nib, 8 Xian, Custard and the favourite Durian offer something more creative and exciting to the palette than the usual lotus. Elegantly packaged in bespoke turquoise boxes and with the Grand Hyatt emblem printed on each mooncake, these mooncakes make for the perfect gift for beloved family and friends or work associates. Also, why not get them for yourself as a personal treat. For those business associates you really need to impress, you can request to personalise the boxes with your company logo.

The mooncakes are available for standard sale from August to October 2018, but you can preorder them for a special price before the end of June.

Price: 789+ baht for a box of four mooncakes; Individual mooncakes are priced at 189+ baht.
Early-bird offer: 25% off if you purchase before June 30, with a minimum of 200 boxes.
For more information, call 0-2254-6250 or email to place your orders now.

The Lounge, The St Regis Bangkok

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Every year, mooncakes released exclusively at the St Regis as limited edition delicacies sell out incredibly fast. So it's no surprise that the St Regis is launched a pre-order period for their highly popular mooncakes as well. This year, expect some contemporary twists such as chestnut and macadamia and green tea and red bean, as well as loved classics like durian with double egg yolk and mixed fruit and nutst. The St Regis mooncakes come in beautiful boxes, where the lids can be turned into picture frames after you’re done with the treats inside, giving you two gifts in one. On top of that, the packaging has also been designed to be friendly to the environment.
Pre-orders can be made from now until stocks run out, and the mooncakes will be officially sold at the hotel starting from August 1.

Price: 1,288 baht for a box of four mooncakes, including one of each flavour.
Early-bird offer: A 10% discount for pre-orders that are pre-paid before August 15, 2018. If you order at least 100 boxes, you get a special 20% off, as well as free delivery within Bangkok and surrounding areas.
For more information, call 0-2207-7777 or visit

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