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DigestHarrods Opens The Vegetable Butchery In The UK

Harrods Opens The Vegetable Butchery In The UK

Harrods Opens The Vegetable Butchery In The UK
By Mika Apichatsakol
December 02, 2018
Would you regards a vegetable butcher the same as a traditional meat butcher?


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If you haven’t heard, luxury London department store Harrods has been extending its breadth in the food industry in the last couple of years with what it calls The Taste Revolution. This year, Harrods unveiled the redesign of its historic Food Hall, introducing the new Fresh Market Hall, an emporium of fresh ingredients that’ll makes every sophisticated foodie feel like a child in Willy Wonka.

Designed by David Collins Studio, the Fresh Market Hall is an elevated reflection of London’s buzzing food scene, from the open kitchens where skillful chefs can brandish their beautiful technique to the library-like display of world class ingredients. An aspect of Harrod’s Fresh Market Hall that we find the most exciting, however is a little thing called The Vegetable Butchery.


London is one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world. It was the first city on the HappyCow vegan/vegetarian food network to surpass 100 restaurants in 2017 (Photo: Courtesy of

Keeping up with the UK’s growing number of vegans and vegetarians—more than 3.5 million people in the UK identify as vegan or vegetarian—and an awareness among omnivores alike that veggies aren’t just the ingredient of salads, Harrods has created a outlet for talented “vegetable butchers” to prove the point further. 


The vegetable butcher combines "the knowledge of an old-fashioned greengrocer with the knife skills of a sushi chef" (Photo: Courtesy of

At The Vegetable Butchery, keeping up with your plant-based or balanced diet is made easy with skillfully prepared meals or high-quality indredients to take home for cooking.While some may be skeptical of whether Harrods' Vegetable Butchery can stand as a singular stop to visitors of the fresh market the way meat stands have traditionally been, Harrods sees the vegetable butcher as having the exciting combination of "the knowledge of an old-fashioned greengrocer with the knife skills of a sushi chef".

The "butchery" has brought to light to many food critics the craftsmanship that goes behind preparing and cooking vegetables—that it's not all just chopping—offering a glimpse into a near future of vegetables as a preferred main course.  


Wild mushroom bruschetta with white truffle (Photo: Courtesy of

Foodies and fans of Harrods can follow @harrodsfood on Instagramto keep up with Harrod's Taste Revolution or just to add more aesthetically pleasing content to your foodie feed.

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