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DigestChavanos Rattakul On Loving Food And Supporting The Local Culinary Scene

Chavanos Rattakul On Loving Food And Supporting The Local Culinary Scene

Chavanos Rattakul On Loving Food And Supporting The Local Culinary Scene
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
January 10, 2019
A culinary expert is collaborating with a real estate company to fund talented local chefs and food businesses

With the dining scene mushrooming all over the country with newcomers, Chavanos Rattakul believes that there is need for a deeper understanding for the culinary world to unlock greater appreciation for food.

The director of family-owned St Andrew’s International School has always had great passion for food. Today, he has established Origin Food in conjunction with real estate company Origin Property to help fund local establishments and chefs who struggle to get the recognition they deserve.

“The idea is to invest in small-scale restaurants that need capital and assist them with strategy in order to achieve better and faster growth and expansion. Our aim is to have Origin Food listed in the stock market and raise significant capital to help achieve that goal.” explained Chavanos.

This is the first time Origin Property is venturing into the culinary scene and Chavanos is getting to use his passion and expertise on food in this collaboration.

Chavanos recalls his childhood of going to the local markets with his grandmother, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in Paris. He would learn from her how to source the best ingredients from the markets. The businessman who now gets to live his foodie passion in work says that “most people love eating, but it's harder to truly understand the mindset of the chef, the philosophy behind each dish, the sourcing of ingredients and much more.”

Living up to his word, Chavanos takes up to 40 food-related trips a year. In Thailand, he hosts YouTube food programmes to share his knowledge and experience. Crediting his mother's lessons, he believes that one has to "be honest" with food and that "you cannot lose touch with authenticity." 

He has particular respect for chefs who create great food using local ingredients “The real flavours of a place are what count—flavours based on locally-sourced, top quality seasonal ingredients. The restaurants that want to showcase local produce and cooking techniques… those are the restaurants Food Origin seeks to support.”

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