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Digest Don't Worry, You Can Have Khao Chae Delivered To Your Door This Summer

Don't Worry, You Can Have Khao Chae Delivered To Your Door This Summer

Don't Worry, You Can Have Khao Chae Delivered To Your Door This Summer
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
April 06, 2020
Don't let lockdown nor the heat ruin your April when this royal dish is available

As we are now in the hottest month in Thailand, traditionally, those in the palace have cooled down by enjoying a summer delicacy known as khao chae, or jasmine rice in cool, fragrant, flower-infused water. Khao chae is normally eaten with delightful condiments such as dried sweetened turnip and the favourite watermelon with dried fish shavings. Sound like what we all need at home right now? Here are three reputable Thai restaurants that will deliver this royal treat to you. 

Miss Siam Restaurant, Hua Chang Heritage Hotel

Pairos Prapairuk, chef of Hua Chang Heritage's Miss Siam restaurant believes in the authenticity of the ingredients he uses in this food. Sourcing from the whole kingdom for the very best, he and his crew have crafted the summertime delicacy only a handful know how to make. Sides of deep-fried shrimp paste balls and salted egg yolk, for example, are simply delicious but their processes are far from that.

Call 02-217-0777 or Line @huachanghotel to order directly. 


This summer, Khao is offering a total of nine side dishes for its Khao Chae set. Sweetened dried-fish floss and caramelised pork jerky are among the condiments presented with the rice in cool jasmine-scented water. The set also comes with cucumbers and green mango to clean the palate after the savoury experience. Trusted for its authentic taste, you can't go wrong with Khao's khao chae.

Call 02-381-2575 or Line @khao to order directly.


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Celebrity chef Chumpol Jangprai has prepared a reinterpretation—or perhaps reincarnation—of the traditional delicacy that foodies and fans of the chef should definitely not miss. In his career, chef Chumpol stresses the five core elements of royal cuisine: presentation, flavour, fragrance, colours and texture. Incorporated in R-Haan's Royal Summer Menu A La Carte Delivery Menu, the khao chae features all the condiments traditionally used in the dish, including the stuffed bell pepper wrapped in egg-floss. 

Call 095-141-5524 or Line @ironstarchef2go to order directly. 


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