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Digest Best Mooncakes Around Town

Best Mooncakes Around Town

Best Mooncakes Around Town
By Mary Losmithgul
August 23, 2018
With mid-autumn festival hot on our heels, here are our picks of the best mooncakes to buy

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Mooncake season is back! As we start saving our calories for the best treats of the year, it’s also time to start figuring out which ones are worth gifting. Whether it’s for long-time clients or office buddies, or even your own self-indulgence, few things beat a very good set of mooncakes. Here we’ve compiled a list of the creme-de-la-creme in the mooncake scene, so you’ll know which are worth those extra kilos.

Our Childhood Favourite: The Peninsula Bangkok

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No mooncake roundup of a decent calibre could be complete without Peninsula Bangkok’s iconic egg custard mooncakes. Exclusive to The Peninsula Bangkok hotel, the egg custard mooncakes are delicately handmade, following a recipe originally created by The Peninsula Hong Kong over 30 years ago. The popularity of these mooncakes is no joke—if you stacked up all the mooncakes they sold in 2017 alone, the result would be nearly 100 times higher than the hotel itself. This year, the iconic mooncakes will be paired with Pleine Lune premium tea by Mariage Frères, as well as the Peony & Blush Suede scent by Jo Malone London. In commemoration of The Peninsula Bangkok’s 20th anniversary, a limited edition gift box will also be unveiled—designed by Thai artist, illustrator and fashion designer Phannapast Taychamaythakool. All proceeds from the limited edition box will go towards funding scholarships so that underprivileged Thai students can get the opportunity to pursue their dreams in the creative industry.

To order, call 0-2020-2888 or email The egg custard mooncakes can also be purchased online at

Most Impressive Filling: The Shangri-La Hotel

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When it comes to mooncakes, some prefer the soft outer dough while others, the rich, flavourful fillings. If you’re part of the latter group, you definitely don’t want to miss out on The Shangri-La hotel's mooncakes. Known for generous, concentrated fillings wrapped with a thin layer of dough, you’ll be surprised by how much you can stuff into one of those palm-sized treats. Flavours-wise, there’s all the classic mid-autumn staples—cream custard, mixed fruits and nuts, durian and lotus seed. If you’re looking for something a little more interesting, this year the culinary team at Shang Palace have created a new flavour with almond and black sesame. The mooncakes come packaged in what seems like a thick book, with an intricate print of a rabbit and the moon—a reference to the popular fable of the beautiful girl who lives on the moon with her pet rabbit.

To order, call 0-2206-8605 or email Mooncakes can also be ordered online at

Most Interesting Flavour: Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park

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For the adventurous type, sometimes the usual lotus seed just doesn’t cut it. If that’s the case for you, check out what’s in store at Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park Hotel. The resident Pagoda Chinese Restaurant is serving an array of hand-crafted mooncakes, packaged in classic festive boxes that serve as an ideal gift when it comes to family or colleagues at work. There are the staple durian and lotus seed, but then you have creative twists like white lotus seed paste with macadamia nuts. The most interesting flavour hands-down is the signature black truffle, where rich black truffles are combined with a single yolk and sweet white lotus seed paste for a unique treat. 

To order, call 0-2059-5999 or email

Cutest Mini-Mooncakes: Banyan Tree Bangkok

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Mini-mooncakes are usually reserved for cream custard flavoured delights, but if you’re looking for mini everything, Banyan Tree Bangkok is offering a limited edition premium gift set with 8 mini mooncakes—perfect for those who want to indulge but not to the point of busting your waistline. What’s even better is the mini mooncakes come in all the flavours offered at the Banyan Tree. Order in advance to choose between durian, lotus seed, assorted nuts, chinese chestnut, red bean, black sesame, jujube and walnut and of course, the ever-popular custard. The set comes packaged in a round, faux-leather box that opens up as a mini-drawer. Only 1000 sets are available, so book now before they run out!

To order, call 0-2679-1200.

Most Modern Flavours: Starbucks


For those who aren’t quite into the traditional look and taste of mooncakes, Starbucks offers modern renditions of the treats that'll sure to convert a few to the mooncake religion. Expect flavours based on the popular coffee chain's drinks menu, such as the Starbucks espresso coffee mooncake, the Starbucks green tea and red bean mooncake and even a Starbucks chocolate mint flavoured mooncake! For Starbucks fans who already love traditional mooncakes, ngow-ying (mixed nuts) and monthong durian are also available. Psst, a little secret: you can get a special Starbucks premium mooncake set, which includes four mooncakes and a specially designed coffee cup and saucer in purple, yellow or grey. 

Mooncakes By The Beach: Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Hua Hin

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If you're in Hua Hin, you don't have to fuss about ordering mooncakes in Bangkok. Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Hua Hin has their delightful ‘Sip & Savour Tradition’ package from September 1-30. Enjoy mooncakes, complemented with premium TWG blends of teta, while overlooking the full moon from private balconies for a mid-autumn experience like no other. Flavours offered include durian, white lotus seed and red bean as well as the trending green tea. You can also buy a box home as a gift to your colleagues—the mooncakes come beautifully packaged in red, with intricate patterns on the boxes.

To order or make reservations for the special package, call 0-3251-2021.

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