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Digest Bartender, More Ice Please!

Bartender, More Ice Please!

Bartender, More Ice Please!
By Nicharee Phatitit
September 27, 2017
Lebua's rooftop bar makes ice a coveted ingredient in your drink

Spend an evening chilling over cocktails with a difference at The Dome, lebua’s ritzy rooftop bar with a view. Using ice as the main concept rather than as a side element, mixologist Sean Halse and his team introduce a more intense and refreshing addition to the bar’s repertoire. Say goodbye to drinks that become diluted as conventional ice melts and hello to cocktails with flavour-infused cubes that add zing to the mix. The cocktails are separated into three categories—Ice Granita, Ice Series, and Ice Poptails.

For a zesty surprise try the Fire & Ice from the Iced Granita series, a blend of Chivas Regal 18 years with coconut water and vodka over a chilli-lemongrass-kaffir lime granita. For something fruitier opt for the exotic Mango Sticky Rice from the Ice Series. It comprises premium cachaca blended with coconut rum and almond syrup shaken and served with jasmine-mango-almond flavoured ice cubes and a flavoured ice lolly. If you’re feeling nostalgic, awaken your inner-child with the Ice Poptails served with fruity popsicles. Frozen margaritas blended with vegetable elements such as beetroot or green matcha tea are also available for the health-conscious. For more information and reservations, visit

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