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Digest Asava And Nara Thai Cuisine Launch New Street Food Venture—Co Limited

Asava And Nara Thai Cuisine Launch New Street Food Venture—Co Limited

Asava And Nara Thai Cuisine Launch New Street Food Venture—Co Limited
The elegant bar at Co Limited
By Ploylada Sucharitachandra
February 04, 2020
Building on his Sava Dining experience, feted fashion designer Polpat Asavaprapha has teamed up with Nara Thai Cuisine to launch elevated street food eatery Co Limited

Nestled on the first floor of Langsuan’s brand new community complex, Velaa Sindhorn Village, Co Limited serves Thai street food favourites but with beef as the star ingredient. “When I first visited the compound, I found the project really interesting and was particularly drawn into this beautiful space overlooking the venue’s lush garden,” says Polpat Asavaprapha. “I thought about branching out Sava Dining (his first restaurant concept), but in the end I felt it was more appropriate to do something a little bit more fun and vibrant here.”

Polpat explains that he wants the restaurant to serve what he calls ‘approachable food’, elevated Thai comfort fare that is at the same time novel. “The local restaurant scene is quite saturated right now and it is essential to offer points of differentiation,” he states. “We looked into a wide range of ingredients and felt that there was room in the market for Thai-style steak places. Consequently, beef became our highlight ingredient. As for the restaurant’s name, a meal for Thai people is all about co-eating, or spending relaxed quality time together over food, so we wanted to create an ambience for co-hanging out. Good food is best enjoyed in good company.”

Fashion designer and restaurateur Polpat Asavaprapha
Fashion designer and restaurateur Polpat Asavaprapha

This is why the menu comprises a number of items meant for sharing and even cocktails with quirky Thai names are available by the bucket. “Think premium street food with funky drinks for truck drivers on a lucky lottery day,” Polpat laughs. There’s even a dish to round off this concept—Sip Lor Tuuk Huay, which comes at a friendly discount on the first and 16th day of every month.

The cocktails make a great prelude to the food. A hearty opening is a proper Thai-style surf and turf serving of plump grilled river prawn and perfectly seared succulent Australian sirloin accompanied by piquant seafood and jaew sauces. Also among Polpat’s favourites is Co Limited Yum Khanom Jeen, a spicy fermented rice noodle salad. It is presented on a large to-share platter with an array of local vegetables, soft boiled egg, preserved pork sausage, crispy pork belly, Vietnamese steamed pork sausage and sweetened deep-fried fish. Once generously dressed and tossed in its chilli and fermented fish sauces, each bite highlights a mild yet umami pungency authentic to northeastern Thai flavours.

Yum khanom jeen features an array of piquant ingredients
Yum khanom jeen features an array of piquant ingredients

Next we are served beef fat fried rice with bone marrow, a dish Polpat says reminds him of his childhood. Best eaten piping hot, it presents a pleasant combination of textures owing to crispy-roasted garlic, deep-fried chillies and a perfectly cooked soft-boiled egg that oozes a lava-like yolk. Seasoned to taste with spicy fish sauce, the richness of this wonderful comfort offering is cut through with a squeeze of zesty lime juice.

While Australian striploin boat noodles is one of Co Limited’s most popular lunchtime staples, there are also pork options for non-beef eaters. Our braised pork belly comes melt-in-the-mouth tender, while the pork balls are comfortingly firm and tasty. Both are well complemented by a sweet, herbal broth that helps to segue nicely to the desserts, which are predominantly Thai street-inspired creations. Polpat recommends a fluffy and incredibly crunchy roti ball drizzled with condensed milk and accompanied by a dollop of vanilla ice cream and it doesn’t disappoint.

Boat noodles with ultra-tender braised pork belly is a good alternative to beef
Surf and turf with grilled Thai river prawn and Australian sirloin steak
Rich and satisfying beef fat fried rice and bone marrow

With delicious Thai flavours served in a relaxed yet colourful setting, Co Limited is ideal for both laid-back lunch retreats and fun dinner gatherings with family and friends. Dress well and you won’t be left out if you bump into familiar faces from society and the fashion brigade. 

Co Limited
Velaa Sindhorn Village, 87 Langsuan Road
Open: Mon-Sat, lunch-dinner 11am-11pm

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