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Digest Staff Picks: Favourite Bangkok Vegan, Vegan-Friendly Restaurants

Staff Picks: Favourite Bangkok Vegan, Vegan-Friendly Restaurants

Staff Picks: Favourite Bangkok Vegan, Vegan-Friendly Restaurants
By Shirley Losmithgul
August 14, 2018
These 6 restaurants make being vegan in Bangkok easy


There’s nothing worse to vegetarians, vegans or health-conscious foodies than going to eat out and having to rummage through arduous pages of menus for that safe but boring mixed salad that’ll barely keep your stomachs satisfied for the next hour. Thailand Tatler's vegans know the frustration well, so we're here to help by sharing some of our favourite restaurants in Bangkok that are either vegan or vegan-friendly and have much more to offer than a platter of carrot sticks and celery.

Rasayana Retreat

The Sanskrit word for ‘rejuvenate’, Rasayana is what your body craves after a string of unhealthy eating. Their beverage menu features a range of appetising tonics and enzyme beverages, while food items include a fusion of local and international dishes made with a conscious for calories, fat and protein balance. For instance, the Thai Pasta dish features cococut flesh, eggplant, zucchini and a dressing of avocado sauce and marinara. Optionally coupled with rejuvenation programs, you’ll also be able to enjoy a versatile plant-based food menu along with a revitalising massage.

Broccoli Revolution

With the original cafe located near soi Thonglor and a newer venue in Central Embassy's Open House, Broccoli Revolution is a Bangkok vegan and healthy eater's staple. Not only dedicated to being entirely cruelty-free and organic, Broccoli Revolution cares about taste because there's nothing worse that tasteless health or vegan food. Here you can find flavourful rice bowls, Southeast Asian cuisine, as well as international favourites like burgers and burritos. See if your omnivourous friends can even tell the difference. 

Veganerie Concept

Like Broccoli Revolution, Veganerie Concept is too established to omit from this list. One hundred per cent vegan, run by a vegan Thai family, the restaurant and bakery now located at several locations in Bangkok, including Siam Paragon, Mercury Ville and the standalone in Phrom Phong, offers a wide range of Thai and international sweets and savouries. Some of the most popular dishes include the vegan pulled-pork burger, the massaman vegan chicken curry and vegan fried chicken. Veganerie is also the go-to around town for vegan desserts, such as the vegan brownie smoothie, vegan red velvet cake and vegan ice cream. 

Steps With Theera

Steps With Theera’s menu consists of vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, soy-free and lactose-free options, making it easy for those with dietary restrictions or just looking to be more conscious with their food choices. Another way this restaurant-cafe supports the community is that it openly offers support and staff-directed training to people with special needs. 'Nuff said—head to Theera for rational, healthy meal choices and to support equal opportunity. 


Nestled away in a leafy alley in Pan Road on Silom, Suananda is a vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurant serving mainly Indian and Middle Eastern food with a few Thai favourites like green curry and krapow. Fun and delicious set menus are offered, combining the restaurant's highlight dishes with sides and desserts. Our favourites include the Suananda Ayurveda, which features a lovely Iranian veggie curry, and the Thanon Pan set that has all the goods—green curry, tofu, parantha and an addictive gotu kola salad.


Located away from the noise and calamity of the metropolis, Anotai sits in a quiet neighbourhood of small business, across of Rama 9 Hospital, offering senerity in addition to tasteful vegetarian and vegan food. At Anotai, you can either go Thai with tom yum, various common Thai stir-fries, and noodle and rice dishes; or opt for a more international meal with one of the many choices of pasta dishes and other random items. It's worth stepping out of the CBD for. 

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