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Digest 8 Dishes To Eat Your Way Through Ratchaprasong

8 Dishes To Eat Your Way Through Ratchaprasong

8 Dishes To Eat Your Way Through Ratchaprasong
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
December 21, 2018
Eat them all before the festive season ends!


Dubbed the “Heart of Bangkok”, Ratchaprasong is one of the top cultural and lifestyle destinations in the city for visitors and locals alike. With major landmarks conveniently connected by the “R-Walk”, from religious sites to opulent shopping centres, all can be explored by foot. 

Welcoming the year-end festivities, eight top hotels in this district are inviting you to eat your way through Ratchaprasong with select dishes under the culinary concept of “Thai Taste With A Modern Touch”. To start you off on your gastro-journey through Ratchaprasong, we've picked out a top dish from each of these eight hotspots for you to try. 

1. Yum Dok Khajorn Bua Luang

Yum Dok Khajorn Bua Luang (Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok)+.jpg

Located at: Erawan Tearoom, Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok

This stunning creation by chef Achara To-ussami for the Erawan Tea Room at the Grand Hyatt Erawan is a true heritage from the Royal Palace. The pink lotus petals used as an edible wrap not only symbolise the beauty and sacredness of the flower in Thai culture but with medicinal properties benefiting the heart, makes the dish a healthy one. The yum dak khajorn itself is made with milkweed flower, roasted coconut, peanuts and boiled lotus seeds. Drizzle your bite in a tasty dressing made of coconut milk, chilli paste, tamarind juice, palm sugar and salt, and let the flavours and aroma explode with harmony in your mouth.

The Erawan Tea Room is open daily from 10am-10pm.


2. Sea Bass With Tamarind Sauce

Sea Bass with Tamarind Sauce (InterContinental Bangkok)+.jpg

Located at: Espresso, InterContinential Bangkok

Espresso at InterContinential Bangkok presents its Sea Bass with Tamarind Sauce as a feature dish for the theme of “Thai Taste With A Modern Touch”. The ingredients of this dish include ripe tamarind, lime, bell pepper, dried chilli, coriander, fish sauce and palm sugar. Enjoy this alongside other Thai signatures like Tom Saeb Kradook Mu On and Yum Sam Krob, or even as an additional order to Espresso's popular international buffet highlighting premium seafood such as New Zealand mussel, lobster, Fine de Claire oyster and Alaskan King crab. 

Espresso at the InterContinental Bangkok is open daily from 6am-11pm.

02-656-0444 ext 6430

3. 10-Course Thai Molecular Tapas

10-course Thai-molecular Tapas (Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel)+.jpg

Located at: R Bar, Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel

This menu by chef Prasertchai Trongvanichnam for R Bar at the Renaissance hotel is a 10-course set, incorporating molecular gastronomy and fine Thai flavours. Find ingredients such as Thai chili, tamarind, lemongrass and kaffir lime used in the style of Spanish tapas. The highlight of this set is the beef massaman curry. Cage-free Australian beef is prepared sous-vided for 24-hours and then mixed with the molecularly cooked massaman curry. This menu is served on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 7-9pm.


4. "Blue Of The Sea"

Blue of the Sea (Waldorf Astoria Bangkok)+.jpg

Located at: Front Room, Waldorf Astoria Bangkok

Created by the chef de cuisine of the Front Room at Waldorf Astoria, chef Rungthiwa Chummongkhon, Blue of the Sea is a reinterpretation of the local dish of crab stir-fried with curry powder. This deconstruction features a Scandinavian touch by pairing crab with celery root and a garnish of celery, salmon roe and mauve verbena flower. Pair this creation with a signature beetroot, pineapple and jicama juice.

Front Room is open daily from 5:30-10:30pm.


5. Goong Kua Prig Gleur

Goong Kua Prig Gleur (Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel)+.jpg

Located at: Spice Market, Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel

The firm, crunchy flesh of large tiger prawns and crispy deep-fried Thai herbs are what makes this dish at the Anantara's Spice Market a standout signature. As the name of the diner might hints, this menu is packed with Thai spices such as garlic, chilli, galangal and lemongrass, offers vibrant flavours, aromas and visuals. 

Spice Market at Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel is open daily 11:30am-2:30pm and 6-10:30pm.


Tom Yum Goong Mungkorn

Tom Yum Goong Mungkorn (The St+.jpg

Located at: Viu, The St Regis Bangkok

The world knows tom yum goong, but does it know of The St Regis Bangkok's tom yum goong? Engineer-turned-food professional, chef Lak Preeprem, specifically sources the lobsters (yes lobsters, not prawns) used in this dish from Phuket where they are more meaty and with less shell. His fragrant tom yum soup is served in a coconut shell, adding natural coconut aroma to the dish.

Viu is open daily from 6am until midnight. 


Seared Duck Breast Served With Foie Gras

Seared Tuna Tom Yum Soup with Tamarind Sauce (Novotel Bangkok Platinum Pratunam)+.jpg

Located at: Uno Mas, Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre, CentralWorld

Chef Sandro Aguilera manages to make Thai a Spanish dish of seared duck breast and foie gras. Sourced from the Thai Royal Project, the duck breast is cooked with foie gras and Spanish spices, flavoured with a signature sauce made from the duck bone stock and other highly flavourful secret ingredients. 

Uno Mas is open daily from 4pm-1am.

02-100-6255 ext 4500

Seared Tuna Tom Yum Soup With Tamarind Sauce

Seared Tuna Tom Yum Soup with Tamarind Sauce (Novotel Bangkok Platinum Pratunam)+.jpg

Located at: BAR9 Beer Garden, Novotel Bangkok, Platinum Pratunam

Fusion it may be, this dish truly embodies Thai taste in its seasoning. The tuna fillet is marinated in homemade tom yum seasoning and then cooked with tamarind sauce. Once perfectly seared, it is presented with shrimp toast and beautiful pork shoulder.

BAR9 Beer Garden at the Novotel Bangkok Platinum Pratunam is looked over by chef Songpong Wisungray, who is skilled with 11 years of experience in both Thai and international cuisines. Visit BAR9 Beer Garden daily from 8pm-1am to experience his delicious creations.

02-209-1700 ext 8705

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