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Digest10 Dishes For Noodle Lovers To Try At Ratchaprasong

10 Dishes For Noodle Lovers To Try At Ratchaprasong

10 Dishes For Noodle Lovers To Try At Ratchaprasong
By Mika Apichatsakol
October 04, 2018
From bamee to udon, not even fine dining snobs can resist slurping on these delicious noodle dishes


If you find yourself able to crave noodles meal after meal then, trust me, you're of a special human species that thrives off of the stringy carbohydrate. For instatiable noodle lovers looking for an area in Bangkok to eat your way through in noodles, look no further than Ratchaprasong. Home of Bangkok's downtown culture, from hotels and department stores to national landmarks and historic marketplaces, Ratchaprasong sustains a bustling community of tourists and locals alike with endless outlets for shopping, entertainment and dining—and at all price ranges! Here, we'd like to focus on dining, and in particular, a type of dish that the area seems to do exceptionally well: noodles. We've gathered 10 noodle dishes of all kinds, from Thai to Italian, that noodle addicts need to try in Ratchaprasong. 

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Egg Noodles With Shrimp Wontons, Barbecue Pork & Crab Claws

Sawang (Hua Lamphong) (1).jpg

Place: Sawang (Hua Lampong)
Price: 150-300 baht
Located between Petchaburi Soi 30 and 32, opposite The Pallladium, Sawang—or Bamee Sawang as locals call it—serves up egg noodle dishes your Thai-Chinese grandparents would approve of.  Originally stationed at Hua Lamphong, which of course is in the Chinatown vicinity, Sawang still sources the best ingredients from Chinatown, including its noodle soup's famed crab claws, and the soup is made daily with a traditional radish and big bone base. The homemade egg noodles are actually made from duck eggs, and the wontons here are truly stuffed with the most succulent shrimp meat. Sawang is open daily from 9:30am-11:30pm.

Braised Noodle With Goose Web In Abalone Sauce

Ah Yat Abalone (1).jpg

Place: Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant, Arnoma Grand Hotel Bangkok
Price: 980++ baht
Connoisseurs of Chinese cuisine and particularly of Chinese abalone dishes will have heard of Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant. Famed for their braised noodle with goose web in abalone sauce, Ah Yat steams the goose legs in stock and spices for days until perfect tenderness and flavour. The goose legs are then roasted with egg noodles and shiitake mushroom, to be served with the restaurant's signature abalone sauce. The newest branch of Ah Yat at the Arnoma Grand Hotel Bangkok is open daily 11am-3pm and 6pm-11pm.

Chicken Noodles

Mae Sri Ruen (1).jpg

Place: Mae Sri Ruen, CentralWorld
Price: 50 baht
The cheapest bowl of noodles on our list, don't let the price turn you away from this legend of a dish. A trusted name in noodles here for over 50 years, Mae Sri Ruen was based in Pattaya as founder Sriruen Kamlak's way of sharing a long line of family recipes to Thailand's now multicultural make-up. Mae Sri Ruen's chicken noodles, an all-time favourite and signature dish of the restaurant, is a simple recipe that delivers consistently. Based in a chicken bone, pig bone and radish soup, the noodles and chicken are boiled to perfect texture and impeccably seasoned so that no extra condiments are need. You can find Mae Sri Ruen at the 3rd floor of CentralWorld, open from 10am-10pm daily. 

Khao Soi With Crispy Duck Leg 

Provence (1).jpg

Place: Provence
Price: 420++ baht
Once hailed by CNN Travel for serving Bangkok's best Thai noodles with its boat noodles, Provence proves once again its flair for flavourful noodle dishes with a restaurant signature khao soy. Provence elevates the saucy traditional Northern Thai curry noodle dish with crispy duck cooked French style. You can try Provence's khao soy with crispy duck leg at the original Peninsula Plaza branch (11am-7:45pm) or at Provence Restaurant on Gaysorn Village's L Floor (10:30am-8pm). 

Nabeyaki Udon

Uta Andon (1).jpg

Place: Uta Andon, Isetan, CentralWorld
Price: 280++ baht
As hinted up above, this list includes noodle dishes from all over the world, and now we're at Japan. Bangkok is in no shortage of good Japanese restaurants, including the inexpensive guilty pleasure one. Uta Andon is one of them. Their classic nabeyaki udon featuring a bluefin tuna and kombu broth and in-house udon or soba noodles—both boiled to respective perfection—is an instant pick-up after a tiring day, week or month. At Ratchaprasong, find Uta Andon at the 6th floor of Isetan, CentralWorld. 

Tradition Pad Thai With Prawns

Pad Thai Mae Yai (1).jpg

Place: Pad Thai Mae Yai Singburi, The Cook Food Centre, Amarin Plaza
Price: 70 baht
Back to penny prices, one pad Thai joint at the notoriously affordable Amarin Plaza food court is secretly one of the holy mothers of pad Thai in this country. For more than 70 years, Pad Thai Mae Yai Singburi has been stir-frying exemplary plates of what seems to be our nation's namesake dish. Its popularity has forced the open of a third outlet at The Cook Food Centre at Amarin Plaza, which is open 10am-7pm daily.   

Chashu Itto Tsukemen

Menya Ito (1).jpg

Place: Menya Itto, Erawan Bangkok
Price: 270++ baht 
Ranked the best Tokyo ramen shop by Tabelog, Menya Itto brings its famous tsukemen noodles to Ratchaprasong with an outlet at the Erawan Bangkok. Menya Itto imports its signature rice germ noodles, a kind that absorbs flavours and also releases aroma and nutritious substances when in contact with the soup. Served cold with a hot soup made from only premium ingredients, Menya Itto's tsukemen offers a tasty Japanese noodle tradition at the heart of Bangkok's shopping district. 

Shindangdong Tteokbokki Premium

Tudari (1).jpg

Place: Tudari, CentralWorld
Price: 450++ baht
Located on the 7th floor of CentralWorld, Tudari is an immensely popular Korean hot pot chain in the city, and the Shindangdong Tteokbokki Premium is a highly recommended noodle option at the restaurant. Enabling you to create your ideal pot of tteokbokki, Tudari gives you an endless option of toppings including chicken, beef, pork, fatty pork, crab stick, shrimp, squid, fish cake, fish toku, egg, fried wonton, clear noodles and Korean noodles. Tudari at CentralWorld is open daily 10am-10pm. 

Rice Noodle With Southern Crab Meat Curry & Deep-Fried Soft-Shell Crab With Vegetables

Kub Kao Kub Pla (1).jpg

Place: Kub Kao Kub Pla, Gaysorn Tower
Price: 490++ baht
A household name, Kub Kao Kub Pla, which has a branch at Gaysorn Tower, offers a hearthy southern styled rice noodle dish that's worth a try and repeats. Featuring a traditional Southern Thai crab meat curry, amplified by a portion of deep-fried soft-shall crab and vegetables, Kub Kao Kub Pla's rice noodle dish has hooked both the older Thai crowd who are a fan of classic flavours, as well as young foodies. 

Tagliatelle Con Aragosta

Theo Mio (1).jpg

Place: Theo Mio, InterContinental Bangkok Hotel
Price: 725++ baht
As a western alternative to find noodle dishes around the block, Theo Mio Italian kitchen by chef Theo Randall at the InterContinental hotel pushes forth one of their best-selling simple joys, the tagliatelle con aragosta. A homemade pasta highlighted by sweet lobster meat, chorizo, basil and a lovely tomato sauce, this is the go-to dish when you're craving Italian noodles while at Ratchapragsong. Theo Mio is open everyday 11:30am-11:30pm with a free flow brunch on Saturdays and Sunday 11:30am-2pm. 

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