Ploy is one of Thailand’s premier equestrian athletes. She has set the standards high from a young age of 16 when she won a medal in dressage at the SEA Games. Victory has become continuous ever since for Ploy and she proved that by bringing home a silver medal from the 2017 SEA Games in Kuala Lumpur. “I am very proud to be the only woman on the Thai national polo team and we certainly did well in the competition. Polo is one of the few sports where men and women can compete side-by-side due to the handicap system.”


In addition to her passion for Polo, Ploy owns an indoor cycling studio famously known as Tribe. She says, “My days are spent either on the polo field practicing or working out and teaching at Tribe. Exercising is part of my healthy lifestyle regime which helps me keep fit and strong for my matches”. 


It is mesmerizing to see Ploy’s boundless energy. Ploy adds, “My secret is quality sleep. Stress from work and pressure on ground can be very overwhelming and grueling. In order to perform and recover well it is important I get quality hours of sleep. I have embraced a routine of good sleep and TEMPUR has enhanced it by conforming to my body and offering superior comfort and support during the night.


Ploy says that quality sleep not only rejuvenates our mind but our bodies go into complete recovery mode and heal in those hours. “Working out as rigorously as I do, my body certainly needs good and quality rest at night. It requires even more restorative time when I encounter on ground injuries. Therefore, it is very crucial that my mattress and pillow provide deep comfort, conformance and leave me feeling extremely refreshed in the mornings.”


During the day it is your passion that drives you. At night let TEMPUR take care of you.


This Sleep is Power. 

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