Welcome to "The Globetrotter’s 10," a recurring series where we give you a list of activities that you must try whenever you happen to stop by the featured city. The segment is designed to take you through an array of experiences that's sure to make your trip memorable.

In this story, we go to and explore the jewel box that is Paris, France: the city of lights, love and effortless sophistication. Everyone should try to visit Paris, even once in their lifetime. I assure you that this city will change you, for the better. Every cobble stoned street corner tells a story worth knowing and reveals a slice of France’s rich, detailed past. Paris’ architecture is powerful and delicate while its culinary scene is dynamic and international. One can argue that Paris is the epicenter of fashion and that it oozes style – you will definitely notice how chic Parisian men and woman look on any average day, casual or dressy. After countless trips to this always engaging city, there will always be more to discover. Come with us as we take you through our travel tips:

Walk river Seine

river-2.jpgThe Seine winds through Paris and can serve as a good quick and easy tour of the city. Follow the riverbanks from street level, passing by Paris' many stunning bridges, to soak up the sights and sounds. Try going down to the riverbanks, right beside the water, especially during warmer months. Here you will find a lot of restaurants with outdoor seating – a perfect way to spend the day! There are also pop-up installations that you can usually interact with, be it art, business or science related – all of which are very interesting and educational too.

river.jpgTatler Trivia: During the hot summer months, areas of the riverbanks are filled with sand to mimic the beachfront!

Place Dauphine

dauphine-.jpgThis quaint square is quintessentially Parisian. It is not very known to non-locals and is frequented by locals. You will hear a light din of French being spoken at every café surrounding Place Dauphine while a handful of friends gather in the center of the tree and bench lined middle-ground to play a game of boule, or for a picnic. Relax, unwind and feel very French.  

Tatler Tip: Grab a street side seat at Le Bar du Caveau.

Le Champ Des Delices and Rue Cler

food-france-morning-breakfast.jpgLe Champ Des Deslices is pure magic. It is a little bakery that makes, in our opinion, the best croissants and chocolate croissants, ever! Every bite is buttery, crispy, soft and deliciously deadly. Make sure to stop by and overdose on carbs! While munching on your bakery bites, stroll over to Rue Cler to experience a chic French outdoor market, peppered with cafes. This little stretch of road is closed off to cars, so all the café’s have seating on the road next to a mixture of stalls selling all sorts of goodies.

Tatler Tip: They also have amazing pastries and sandwiches but be sure to try their mini pizzas!

Promenade plantée

plante1.jpgplantee3.jpgTake a trip to 12th arrondissement to visit the Promenade plantée, the original highline park. This lush, flora and fauna filled secret garden is high atop old train tracks and stretches over 4.7 kilometres. The Promenade plantée is more gardenesque in comparison to New York City’s Highline in that you are much more immersed in nature. You feel totally transported. It is as if you are not in the middle of Paris. There are beautiful ponds in the centre of the path, warmly lit tunnels, and even exercise machines around the park.

plantee2.jpgTatler Trivia: Most people are familiar with New York City’s “The Highline”, the park built on old train tracks above the Meatpacking district in Manhattan. However… in true French fashion, the Promenade plantée pre-dates The Highline; it set the trend.

Dine at Monsieur Blue or Café de l'Homme

cover.jpgThese two restaurants ooze with ambience. Pop in to feel very trendy and to experience a hip night out. Their menus are both French-Asian and their on point upbeat music selection will set the mood. Both restaurants have excellent interiors, decorated poshly – very cool. Monsieur Bleu and Café de l'Homme's terraces are very “in”, you will want to grab dinner outside, if not, drinks for sure. At both locations you are able to dine with a view of the Tour Eiffel, and amidst gorgeous guests.

Tatler Tip: Between the two, the view at Café de l'Homme will take your breath away, but Monsieur Bleu has better food.

6th and 7th arrondissement

Spend an afternoon, or an entire day for that matter in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district, located in the 6th arrondissement, and work your way to Rue du Bac. Saint Germain has such a great atmosphere – energetic and quaint at the same time. You can use Église St-Germain-des-Prés  (the church of St. Germain) which is right across three very famous, cafes: Brasserie Lipp, Café de Flore and Les Deux Magots. All of which are very touristy so I would not recommend eating there. Along the small cobble stone streets there are endless dining options to choose from. For something very French, make your way to Rue du Buci, a traditional market street, which is also blocked off from cars. Find tasty treats and well priced items for yourself. While making your way back to the centre of St. Germain, explore the side streets for more shopping finds from local French stores. For bigger names and larger stores, walk along, Rue du Sevres and Rue du Rennes. Not a far walk from the St. Germain area is Rue du Bac. This is yet another quintessentially French neighborhood that we love. There are a lot of pastry shoppes, home stores and boutiques that are sure to tempt the shoppaholic in you.

Tatler Tip: In Rue du Bac visit Le Bon Marche and Le Grand Comptoir.

Tatler Trivia: Église St-Germain-des-Prés, is the oldest church in Paris 

Cigale Recamier

souffle.jpgThis little gem is right across Hermes on the left bank, and serves the most delicious soufflés. Aside from all the savory and sweet soufflés you can order, they also prepare beautiful fish and meat dishes. This restaurant is mostly frequented by locals – so you know you’re in the right place.

Tatler Tip: You need to order the salted caramel soufflé.

Street food

food-ice-cream.jpgYou cannot leave Paris without trying some street food. On one of your lazy strolls around the city, be sure to order a crepe, be it: Nutella, Nutella banana, grand marnier, or any of the savoury sort. I truthfully prefer a gaufre, aka waffle. It is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside – amazing. You can select pretty much the same flavours as you do for crepes. Lastly, you cannot miss grabbing a scoop… or three of Berthillon ice cream.

Tatler Tip: Make sure you are in fact ordering Berthillon ice-cream, it should say so on the ice cream carts or on the menu. The Ile de La Cite, the oldest part of Paris has a lot of Berthillon stops.

Attend a classical concert

stchapelle.jpgParis is chuck full of outstanding shows but not many people are aware that you can watch performances of classical music, orchestra showcases inside of the countless historical, stunning churches or cathedrals in the city. Even if you are not a fan of classical music, I highly recommend that you do this, as it will leave you with an incredible newfound appreciation for the fine arts. Listening to incredible talent within an ancient church, amidst so much beauty and history, is such a privilege.   

Tatler Tip: If you are able to, grab a ticket to see a concert or orchestra performance in Saint Chapelle. I saw a performance of Vivaldi’s work in this space and it was nothing short of eye-opening.

Palais Royal

royal.jpgThis park is my favourite place to laze around. It is quiet and charming, lined with thick trees and seating a plenty. The park is surrounded by restaurants that are worth trying, and a very artsy courtyard that contains black and white striped pillars of varying heights (very instagram worthy). The centre of the park has a pond that is usually surrounded people soaking up the sun, unwinding before heading back to reality.

royal-2.jpgTatler Tip: Grab a bite inVillalys for incredible Morrocan/Lebanese fare.

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