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For our first episode of Thailand Tatler Heroes, we took you into the jungle of Kanchanaburi with celebrities Kit Bencharongkul, Pimdao Panichsamai, Cherry Khemupsorn, and Dr Patarapol Maneeorn in an effort to help the gentle giants at Elephants World. The celebrities documented their time at the elephants sanctuary through a series of moving photographs and raised more than 600,000 THB at an auction to raise fund for the Elephants World organisation. 

 Saviours by Kit Bencharongkul (photo taken on film)

"This is one of my favourite photographs, because it’s actually one of the first pictures I took of the elephants. It’s like you’re peeking through the trees with the elephants in its natural setting."


 Bond With No Bond by Cherry Khemupsorn Sirisukha

"I chose this photo, because this elephant whose name is Beau passed away just a week after our trip to Elephants World. That’s why this photo is very personal to me. It truly captures that intrinsic bond between the mahout and Beau without any physical contact. It’s just very touching to me."


Yoo Pen Koo Mai Ngao Tao Kee อยู่เป็นคู่ ไม่เหงาเท่าคี่ (Better Together Than Apart) by Mutmee Pimdao Panichsamai

"For me, it really challenged me in terms of getting the right shot for this photograph. It just brings a smile to my face every time I look at the photo. I named this photo “Better Together Than Apart”, because they’re just like us humans. That camaraderie between the two elephants is the same with us as humans. To enjoy the nature of things with someone than by yourself."


Sukhum สุขุม (Peaceful) by Doctor Lot Patarapol Maneeorn

"Before this elephant came to Elephants World, she had to endure being used by humans for their own gains. We’ll never know her full history, but the fact that she’s at Elephants World now, I feel like she has really become a real valued being. This is where she’s going to live out her days and you can see that peace in her. I think that’s a metaphor for humans to reflect on their lives. Being back to basic and finding happiness in the simple life and going back to your own roots. "



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