Actor Alex Rendell gets down and dirty to plant coral reef transplants for Nawikyothin Bay

Following the success of our first season which premiered last year, Thailand Tatler Heroes—a TV series where we follow our favourite celebrities as they carry out charity missions to bring about positive change—returns for a second installment. An entertaining glimpse into the lesser-shown lives of our favourite personalities, the show also serves to inspire social conscience and empowerment among our viewers.

Last season we watched our heroes venture into rice fields, play with elephants and empower young children through song and football. This season, the theme of preserving wildlife continues in our first episode, Under the Sea.

We visit the idyllic Nawikyothin Bay in Chonburi’s Sattahip District. A popular tourist destination, the bay is famous for its stunning coral reefs. However, due to extreme imbalances in the ocean’s temperature, the reefs have been deteriorating—at alarmingly fast rates. Our episode’s heroes Frank Steinacher, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Mercedes Benz, and actor Alex Rendell, are ready to plunge into the ocean in an effort to save the coral reefs. How exactly?

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A beautiful but dwindling coral reef



Alex, Frank and celebrity-MC Danny Pechapat Ratanakul Serireongrith consult a local marine conservationist about the process of coral planting 


Meeting in person for the first time, Frank and Alex are quick to work together on the mission 

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The heroes must also learn about releasing sharks and crabs into the habitat to sustain the ecosystem's food chain

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Alex releasing a shark into the ocean


Sequence 08.01_15_48_13.Still304.jpg

Frank carefully handles a crab

Sequence 08.01_23_52_03.Still275.jpg

A healthy coral graft ready for transplant 

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The process takes teamworks as it must be done quickly and precisely

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Fans of the Thai superstar will know that Alex loves the sea, marine life and diving

 Our heroes dive down into the sea to retrieve branches of existing coral to replant them. Before this can happen, the coral branches need a strong foundation from which they can grow—a base made out of a combination of sand and concrete. In this episode, Alex takes to the shovel and viewers get to see the star leave his heartthrob image behind as he digs for Mother Nature. Importantly, as coral cannot survive over 30 minutes outside of water, our heroes have a time limit to implant the coral into the concrete bases and plunge back into the waters to transplant them to the seafloor. 

Sequence 08.04_11_45_37.Still180.jpg

Transplants placed strategically under the sea to ensure the preservation of this coral habitat

Besides coral, the episode shows our heroes releasing sharks and crabs back into the ocean to help build the marine habitat. Sound exciting? See for yourself—you can now watch the entire first episode of Thailand Tatler Heroes on Line TV or YouTube.  Here's a preview:


At the end of mission, Frank leaves us with an important reminder that "each of us needs to take the responsibility to do something against it and to work with our little steps and actions with what we can do and create a better world.” And that's the whole message behind Thailand Tatler Heroes: there is room for everyone to take part when it comes to giving back. 

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