The biggest event in the country last week was Wonderfruit, Thailand's answer to Burning Man and Coachella. A four-day festival at The Fields at Siam Country Club in Pattaya, you're likely to bump into several of Thailand's top A-listers at the outdoor event simply because the level of creativity and the message of consciousness distilled at Wonderfruit year after year is truly for everyone. 

A familiar face to Thailand Tatler that was spotted at this year's festival was that of fashion photographer and recently debuted musician Kit Bencharongkul. In fact, we decided to carpool with Kit in  a Mercedes Benz E Class Plug-In Hybrid car for the occasion, discussing along the way, topics such eco-friendliness and consciousness and the significance of festivals like Wonderfruit. 

Watch the first episode of this two-part video above and stay tuned for the concluding video. 

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