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Established in 1972, Jaspal Group has grown to become one of Thailand’s leading fashion houses. Today it distributes a raft of international labels and a number of its own apparel lines. One of the most recent additions is Quinn, a brand that celebrates uniquely designed handbags, clutches and other accessories. Overseeing Quinn and Lyn Around, a vibrant brand for young ladies that burst on the fashion scene in 2011, is Suvita Chansrichavala. In fact, it was she who founded Lyn Around.

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Suvita admits that as a child she wasn’t sure what career she wanted to pursue, or if she even wanted to have a full-time job. The only thing she knew for certain was that one day she wanted to be a mother. As a student she earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Thammasat University and followed it with a graduate diploma from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). But life often takes unexpected turns and it was following her marriage 13 years ago to the love of her life, Yosathep Singhsachathet—currently Jaspal’s group director of Lyn, Lyn Around, Jelly Bunny and Quinn—that she joined the family business.

Initially Suvita was in charge of the accessories, shoes and jewellery produced under the original Lyn label. But it wasn’t long before she and Yosathep realised there was a gap in the local market for the type of clothing wanted by fashion-conscious young women, those in the 16-30 bracket. So when her husband was able to secure a prime store location at CentralWorld, they seized the opportunity to launch Lyn Around. “We wanted to create something vivacious, fun and quirky, a brand with a sophisticated production value but offering affordability for young women.” Lyn Around quickly attracted attention and Suvita says, “During the first two years everything moved so fast and in that time we opened 24 stores. Within three and a half years we had over 30 outlets.”

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Despite the success, it was a challenging and occasionally overwhelming time for Suvita, not least because by then she was juggling motherhood—son Avi was born in 2009 and daughter Ava in 2013—with the demands of a highly competitive industry that is constantly in a state of flux. Needless to say her plate remains full and she describes herself as constantly busy. But she has also come to thoroughly enjoy what she does. “Right now we are pushing our current fall-winter collections and we are getting ready to photograph our spring-summer 2018 lines,” she says. “There is always something to do but I love being busy. I like the dynamic aspect of my job. For example, we are also currently in the process of launching a perfume line.”

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But life isn’t only about work and while she is a driven businesswoman Suvita is also a doting mother. “Unless something pressing comes up, both my husband and I try to fix our working hours between 9am and 4pm so that we can spend time with the children,” she explains. They travel frequently as a family. “It is a way to spend quality time together, to share experiences.” And when she has time completely to herself, Suvita indulges in contemporary dance. “I’m not great at it,” she laughs. “But it’s something I used to do when I was much younger and it has been fun to get back to it.”

While some equate success with an opulent lifestyle, fame or a fat bank balance, Suvita seeks a balance of a different kind. “I always set benchmarks in each aspect of my life,” she says. “I love new challenges but I always try to reach these benchmarks before moving on to something new. Success to me means doing well every day, continually learning new things and making each day count.”

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