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Photo courtesy of ChiChi Ubina/ instagram @nicroldan

Alright, let’s be honest here, a sport that requires a stick and a horse might not be everyone’s cup of tea and that is most definitely fine with us. But we just want to warn you that this is all about to change. Meet Nic Roldan, the 34 year-old captain of America’s polo team. Besides his pure talent and sportsmanship, Roldan is also an ambassador for both the Kids Cancer Foundation and Brooke USA, helping to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to the causes.

Once again Prince Harry, we think you've got some hot competition heating up.

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Here are 10 other reasons why you’ll be picking up that stick as quickly as you are done browsing through this slideshow:

 1. Out of the polo uniform, he casually pulls off that lumberjack look that just
screams "I have built a wooden cottage with my bare hands for you". #makelumbersexualsgreatagain

2. Indeed.

3. He's a family man. His father also used to play in a team for the Sultan of Brunei.

4. He is dating Jessica Springsteen. That's right, Bruce Springsteen's daughter. We
repeat, he is dating The Boss' daughter. That in itself should just be celebrated, but also they are super adorable together.

5. In an interview with Tatler UK, Roldan knew early on that he wasn't much into
school, but excelled naturally at sports. His family supported him to focus playing polo full-time since the age of 15. 

6. He was on the team that won the US Polo Championship at the mere age of 15.

7. Even the Queen of England seems to like him.

8. Looks good on a horse. Looks good off a motorbike.

9. He's got good aim. 

10. He's a dog person.

Disclaimer: Roldan did vote for President Donald Trump in the last election, so this article is subjected to the reader's own discretion.


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