Patee Twitters Back

This is the fifth part of a series of Twitter interviews between @ThailandTatler and notable Thailand Twitterers

This September, multi-talented Nok Air CEO Patee Sarasin and Thailand Tatler exchanged tweets about how he got started as CEO, his newlywed life and his proudest achievements. Below, a transcript of our twitter-view. Read a more detailed profile of Patee "Doong" Sarasin online here.

Good afternoon and we hope you're having a great Friday! Would you like to begin? You'll be releasing a few songs soon, and we can't wait! Could you please give us a peek at some of the lyrics?


You were recently married to the lovely @mynameisbe. How has your life changed?


What's the one thing you've always wanted, but still don't have?


What are you most proud of achieving in your life so far?


If you had to choose between being a musician, CEO, restauranteur or athlete, what would you choose?


Your dog, Kumkum, is widely adored in the Twittersphere. Do you plan on doing any sort of business related to Kumkum?


We're curious about how you started at Nok Air. What was the main reason you decided to take on the job of CEO?


Agreed. So what would you like to be your legacy? What would you like to be remembered for?


We have a traditional final question: the world is supposed to end in 2012. What will be your last tweet to everyone?


Thank you very much for your time. It was a pleasure trading tweets with you. Have an amazing weekend!



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