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Photo: Jason Capobianco/Hong Kong Tatler

In every generation, there are those who are marked by their vision, talent and drive; those who challenge the status quo and bring forth change. They are not just dreamers, they're doers—and it’s these creative visionaries and disruptive talents whom we define as Generation T (or Gen T, for short). 

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As an Asia-wide intitiative, our sister editions in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singpore, Taiwan and Hong Kong are also launching lists for their Generation T communities, creating an ultimate pan-Asian list of top young entrepreneurs.

Thailand Tatler has continually evolved over the past four decades as the arbiter of modern society. With our inaugural list, we are proud to announce a brand new, dedicated section on the site for Generation T.

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Photo: Jason Capobianco/Hong Kong Tatler

What is Generation T?

Generation T celebrates Thailand and Asia's brightest young talents with a comprehensive list of who's who in the region. The annual publication complements our Tatler List of Thailand’s most influential individuals, with a focus on the next generation. 

But Generation T is much more than a list—it's also a platform for the community to connect and collaborate with each other through enriching experiences and exclusive content on entrepreneurship, innovation, personal development and lifestyle. 

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Photo: Tian Xing/ Malaysia Tatler

Who's on the list?

The list includes scions of some of Thailand’s oldest families, as well as self-made entrepreneurs, gifted young artists, cutting-edge chefs and fashion influencers. Intended to create a revealing reflection of Thailand society, the roll honours outstanding young talent making waves across all sectors, from art and retail to philanthropy and tech.

How do you make it onto the list?

For our very first edition, we sat down with a distinguished panel of industry veterans and influential business leaders, which we called the Tatler Tribe, to identify this collective of 50 outstanding individuals. In the end, the final 50 Generation T listees were selected based on their initiatives and accomplishments in the last 18 months as well as, in general, what makes them stand out as a voice of their generation.

When will the 2017 Gen T list be announced?

The Generation T list for 2017 will be unveiled on July 19, 2017 with an exclusive launch party, so stay tuned.

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