Sakson Rouypirom

He’s a big fan of Muay Thai and photography, but what really gets Sakson ticking is helping others. Regularly venturing to remote rural corners of Thailand and committed to achieving sustainable solutions to alleviate the plight of underprivileged children across the country, he founded SATI, a non-profit organisation through which he successfully runs programmes addressing issues of education, clean water, sanitation and health care. Socially conscious businesses Broccoli Revolution restaurant and Case Art Space, of which he is a partner, provide a wider inter-connected platform for the cause. Sakson is currently heading a runaway youth awareness programme and working on a weekly clinic for at risk youths, focusing on planned parenthood, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. “The kids I meet—their troubles, which sometimes seem never-ending, are the source of my willpower to never stop,” he says.

Definition of success: Learning from mistakes and making positive changes from them.