Television shows have long fascinated audiences worldwide. Now more accessible than ever (thanks to online streaming!) -- it's always fun to re-watch our favourite picks. If not for their classic narratives, but more so their iconic and incredibly loveable characters. From Don Draper, Barney Stinson, and Kim Shin to Carrie Bradshaw, Olivia Pope, and Claire Underwood, we bring you a list of TV's most fashionable and memorable characters. Browse through our gallery to find out who makes it on our list!


04160511-BETTY_resized_2000x1250.jpgBETTY DRAPER | Mad Men
Played by January Jones
Known as Don Draper's better, more suffering half -- Betty stuns in every episode with her exquisite mod style and silently cunning demeanor. Looking fabulous in any occassion, the ex-model always serves incredible 1960's looks. As the series progresses, Betty's style evolves with the times as she employs bolder colours and more adveturous silhouettes. Dominating the 1970's, she succssfully mixes her classic and put-together fashion with bohemian undertones.


04160553-NEAL_resized_2000x1250.jpgNEAL CAFFREY | White Collar
Played by Matt Bomer
Con artists have never looked this good! Matt Bomer brings to life the interestingly complicated character of Neal Caffrey, a high-stakes thief with a penchant for fine art. With his killer looks and sweet talking skills, Neal is well-known as a brilliant conman. A stunner if there ever was one, he goes through his marks effortlessly with killer outfits in tow!


04160510-BLAIR_resized_2000x1250.jpgBLAIR WALDORF | Gossip Girl
Played by Leighton Meester
No one defined 2000's fashion the way Blair Waldorf did. From bow headbands to coloured tights, this TV heiress brought to life aspirational upper east side fashion. Subscribing to more eclectic pieces than her on-screen counterpart Serena Van Der Woodsen (Blake Lively), Blair maintains her throne as queen bee with her fashion-forward looks and bossy stature.


04160553-HAKEEM_resized_2000x1250.jpgHAKEEM LYON | Empire
Played by Bryshere Gray
Anyone who's seen the show "Empire" will easily attest to it's over-the-top... everything! From dramatic storylines, to even more dramitic wardrobes -- Empire has become something of a cult classic in no time at all. One of the show's rising stars is Bryshere Gray who plays the talented singer, Hakeem. Decked out in designer hip-hop fashion, Hakeem fills the show with charm and screen presence amplified by his adventurous outfits.


04160512-CARRIE_resized_2000x1250.jpgCARRIE BRADSHAW | Sex & the City
Played by Sarah Jessica Parker
No shocker here! As the ultimate TV fashion icon, Carrie Bradshaw has always been a staple in any fashion inventory. Successfully defining New York's eccentric and laid-back street style, Carrie has donned numeours looks to remember -- from her barely there slip dress to her penchant for classic Jimmy Choos -- she never fails to combine classic with avant-garde pieces. An icon of female independence and adventurous style, she will always be a memorable epitomy of "effortlessly chic".


04160510-BARNEY_resized_2000x1250.jpgBARNEY STINSON | How I Met Your Mother
Played by Neil Patrick Harris
"Nothing suits me like a suit!" -- the sitcom's quirky Barney Stinson once sang this very line in an uncharacteristic musical cold-open for How I Met Your Mother. Although his obsession with being put-together is familiarized to audiences through his outrageous playboy storylines, Barney is never in anything less than a well-tailoured suit. Remember the 'suitjamas' episode? He definitely brings dapper and dashing to the next, albeit hyperbolic level


04160554-OLIVIA_resized_2000x1250.jpgOLIVIA POPE | Scandal
Played by Kerry Washington
No one does powersuit like Olivia Pope. Crisis Manager and all-around stunning woman, Olivia manages to catch the eye of the President of the United States. Their secret releationship is the central focus of the series alongside widly interesting crisis cases that Olivia's firm takes on. A stunner in both action and fashion, Olivia doesn't only know how to sweet talk her way with clients, she also dazzles with her stunning wardrobe; who can forget that iconic white fedora? Oh and did we mention she sports different Prada and Hermes purses with each outfit?


04160547-DON_resized_2000x1250.jpgDON DRAPER | Mad Men
Played by John Hamm
As founding partner and Creative Director atSterling Cooper Draper Pryce, an advertising agency in Manhattan, Don Draper definitely knows how to rock a designer suit -- glass of whiskey in one hand and a lit cigarette on the other. No one does 1960's dapper like John Hamm in this iconic character. A mix of machismo, old-world charm, and all the trappings of a sweet-talker, Don Draper proves that being fashionable isn't limited to your wardrobe choices.

Played by Jennifer Aniston
No other TV character has had a haircut made so popular after their name. "The Rachel" (inset) was a layared-haircut that defined 90's beauty. But beyond her iconic look, the character has also been a fashion icon since the show aired in 1992, which catapulted its previously unknown stars into unprecedented TV popularity. Coining and donning now-staple 90's key pieces like chokers, jumpsuits, high waisted skirts and jeans, Rachel Green is a defining icon for the times

TOM HAVERFORD | Parks & Recreation
Played by Aziz Ansari
The founder of Entertainment 720and Rent-A-Swag, Tom Haverford makes it to our list for his endless devotion to style, swagger, and all-around debonair fashion. Although the character can be a bit ridiculous at times, there's no doubting that he's always well-dressed even if everyone around him insists on casual clothing. Decked out in well-tailoured suits and spruced-up casual wear, Tom wouldn't be caught dead wearing anything that doesn't portray "swag"

Cookie Lyon | Empire
Played by Taraji P. Henson
An unforgettable character if there ever was one! Cookie stuns audiences with her strong and fabulous atittude as she dominates the music industry with her estranged family. After being incarcerated, Cookie searches for her ex-husband only to find that he's made a music empire with shares from her investment. Eager to conquer, Cookie stuns Music's A-listers with her sharp wit and over-the-top outfits. Aching for some good music and sardonic comedy? Empire's the way to go!

IM SHIN | Goblin
Played by Gong Yoo
Fresh from his Cannes debut with Train to Busan and another festival showing with The Age of Shadows, Korean actor Gong Yoo made a much-awaited comeback to the small screen in Goblin (a.k.a. Guardian: the Lonely and Great God). There, he played a god with a propensity for donning the most envy-inducing oversized designer coats paired with tailored suits, turtlenecks, and assorted winter clothing--looking flawless amidst the show's various dreamlike settings. Needless to say, his character's fashion sense ignited a trend in South Korea and also the hearts of fans from all over the world.


Played by Robin Wright
Giving Olivia Pope a run for her money, Claire Underwood dons every episode of House of Cards in First Lady attire -- bespoke, luxe, and put-together. Power-dressing has met it's epitome in her character, played by the stunning Robin Wright. From formal galas, press conferences, public appearances, and jogging stints, Mrs. Underwood is never caught in anything unbecoming of the President's wife. A true blue politician herself, Claire carefully navigates Washington with her own select devices, proving along the way that she just might be the better half between her and Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey).

Played by Jesse Spencer
The quintissential charmer, Harvey Spectre dazzles audiences with his clever tactics, irrisistable looks, and straightforward deameanor. Embodying the cut-throat world of New York legalese, the character helms the Harvey Spectre Littlaw firm, introduced as one, if not the best in Manhattan. If you're looking for powersuits done right, try binge-watching this show to get a feel of how one should wear, accessorise, and carry a designer three-piece suit.