29182152-newcover-c29182800-1584x780.jpgAthleisure done right, in the maison’s new iconic FF logo collection which has fans counting down to its April 13 preview on Net-à-Porter.


29175044-resized04_FENDIandNAPCapsuleCollectionimages_resized_1920x1200.jpgEmbroidered logo T-shirt (nap.com exclusive), black and white FF allover pleated silk skirt, RockoPop knitted sneakers, Kan I FF tapestry bag. Photo: Courtesy of Fendi

1. The ‘Fun Fur’ evolution

As we predicted, logomania is here to stay. Fresh off the press, Fendi has announced the relaunch of its iconic FF logo with an exclusive Capsule Collection. In case you didn’t know, the FF symbol stands for ‘Fun Fur’, a self-explanatory concept as designed by Karl Lagerfeld in 1965 to launch a collection embedded in luxury and street chic codes. Thus heralded the rise of the branding obsession.


29175041-resized01_FENDIandNAPCapsuleCollectionimages_resized_600x900.jpgHooded sweatshirt in FF allover velvet jacquard. Photo: Courtesy of Fendi

2. 3 Understated colour schemes

The FF logo comeback takes inspiration from the squared FF logo circa 1974 is worked effortlessly into the collection’s graphic allover pattern. Timeless colours of classic tobacco, black, and a whiteand black variation form the basis of athleisure chic silhouettes like parkas, hoodies, bombers and distinctive Rockoko sneakers.


29175042-edited02_FENDIandNAPCapsuleCollectionimages_resized_600x900.jpgTobacco and black FF allover silk pajamas (nap.com exclusive). Photo: Courtesy of Fendi

3. Plush prints

In keeping with its artisanal codes, Fendi incorporates the FF logo into playful motifs, prints and intarsias upon a range of luxury materials, from shearling bomber jackets to mink fur, and velvet jacquard. Patterns splash across and diagonally on knitwear, deluxe cashmere, and sophisticated silks, whether in regular or macro variations.


29175042-resized05_FENDIandNAPCapsuleCollectionimages_resized_600x900.jpgFF allover jacquard sweater, pencil skirt, Montresor mini black with FF tapestry. Photo: Courtesy of Fendi

4. Everyday minimalism, too

Joining the outerwear are daytime ensembles of white shirts and skirts. The FF logo treatment varies from roomy cotton blouses and long-sleeved crop tops (all-over logo with contrasting collar detail, or macro), while a fitted pencil skirt is inscribed with logo detail across the elastic waistband.


29175042-resized06_FENDIandNAPCapsuleCollectionimages_resized_600x900.jpgFF nylon parka. Photo: Courtesy of Fendi

5. Unforgettably FF Footwear

As a collection that evokes movement and freedom, FF logo mania doesn’t escape Fendi’s signature footwear designs. From the casual Rockoko sneakers to the sporty RockoPop running shoes, and the dressier Rockoko bootie, no occasion is short of options to break out the FF logo.


FF allover silk pajamas, logo shearling slippers (both nap.com exclusive). Photo: Courtesy of Fendi

6. Embellished accessories

No Fendi look is complete without a piece of accessory to match. Signature bags like the Kan I, Mini Kan I, Peekaboo and Mon Trésor, are the few bags that stand out with bold logo treatment. A special edition of detachable straps are inlaid along its luxurious velvet, for an ode to subtle logo detailing. A pair of sunglasses, FF mink bag charms, an FF Fendi Witch charm, and bracelets complete the trend.