Capture.PNGHave you ever wanted to get nail art done but always find yourself hesitating? You may find it to be a bit too bold of a style move, but there’s always a subtle yet chic way to go about it. The next time you think about upping your nail game, here are some beautiful designs you can try (courtesy of Tips N Toes):

1.jpg1. Keep the glitters to a minimum by putting it in all in the centre. This way, you can keep your look fun yet professional.


2.jpg2. This twist on the classic French tips is a cool way to make a statement with your nails.


3. If you’re the type that likes nail extensions, make it even more exciting by adding gems. Ask your stylist on how to best design your nails for whatever look you are going for.


4. If gems are a bit too clumpy, you can go with sparkles instead.