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A blend of good taste, feng shui and practicality lies behind the look of the Tanawattanakorn family home, as Natnalin Thananan reports


High in the majestic towers of The Park Chidlom is the home of the Tanawattanakorn family. Owners and operators of Lucky Star Weaving, which manufactures and supplies packaging solutions, the family consists of parents Sirisan and Sirianong and three daughters, Chanitapant, Pimpatra and Lerdviriya. Their 330-square-metre condominium serves as a haven from the bustling, busy streets of Bangkok. Although the interior of the home has obvious feminine tones, it does not lack the sophistication and glamorous overtones synonymous with metropolitan living.

An elegant young lady, Chanitapant is now general manager of the family’s company and our guide for the day. Dressed in a stylish purple outfit, the eldest daughter of the family explains how they came to live here. “When we were younger, we lived out near Nakhon Pathom, where the factory is located,” she says. “But then when we got older we wanted somewhere closer to school and decided to move into town. We lived at another place before buying this one, as it is more spacious than our previous home. It also has great facilities and security, is in a good location and of course, the view is beautiful.”

Reflective surfaces and shimmering effects can be seen throughout the home, from the diamond-studded door handles to plush velvet textures on curtains and pillow cases. The décor is undeniably chic yet classic at the same time. “It was mostly my mother, my sisters and me who consulted with our interior designers, Budsakorn Supsantitikul and Radikan Vejsawarn. My father is very easygoing,” laughs Chanitapant. The decoration and furnishing process took almost a year and a half and was completed about six months ago. “Because we all have very different styles, it took quite a while to come to an agreement on the décor of the common areas,” she explains with a smile.

As they are of Chinese ancestry, the Tanawattanakorns consulted a feng shui master while they were decorating their new home. “The master advised us to close up the windows because one of the buildings that can be seen from our place is shaped like a coffin. We wanted to keep the view so we used a stainless-steel mirror with a decorative laser-cut pattern to reflect away the bad energy instead. So pretty much everything you see here is not just design-based, it has something to do with feng shui as well,” Chanitapant says. The colours of each room were also determined based on the horoscopes of family members. A pale green foyer is accessible straight from the elevator. This area also boasts hand-painted murals of trees and whimsical birds in cages as well as two gold chairs from Seasons, one of the family’s favourite furniture stores.

Upon entering the home, one cannot help but notice the large aquatic tank filled with fish in vibrant colours and exotic corals. The light from the tank illuminates the walkway and gives the home a funky vibe. Across from this is a bar with a marble countertop as well as decorative plates and jars, a trend that is seen throughout almost every room. The dining area boasts a marble-top table with black leather chairs. “My father keeps his wines here,” says Chanitapant. This room features a balcony offering splendid views and giving the room a wider feel. Photos of the family members adorn the walls near the dining table, along with Seasons’ Fornasetti decorative pieces.

The living room is separated by thick glass sliding partitions with elaborate floral etchings on them. The room is styled in tones of elegant blue and cream, complete with a flat-screen TV, cream sofa and a plush silver carpet. Along the windows is a blue couch, with drawers underneath for extra storage and exquisite cobalt blue curtains. The wallpaper here features blue line drawings of different country scenes and another partition opens up to the entertainment room. The family spends most of their time here and often entertains friends with movies and karaoke. “We told our interior designers that we wanted a party room,” says Chanitapant, so her designers decked the room out in tones of red, black and silver. This room features lots of velvet textures, from the plush carpet to the black curtains with a silver trim. A large flatscreen TV sits opposite a red couch from Baxter, while LED lights are installed in the ceiling for a more festive feel. The DVD shelves are hidden behind well-concealed walls, similar to the entrance to the parents’ cream-coloured room. “Because storage is always a problem with living in a condo, we specifically asked our designers to hide storage spaces and rooms in unexpected places,” she says.

Budsakorn and Radikan designed each of the bedrooms to reflect the different personal styles of the family members. For example, Chanitapant’s bedroom features a black shaggy carpet, exposed brick sections on the wall painted in white, velvet curtains and colourful pillows. “I am not a girly girl so I prefer my room to be a bit edgy, yet classic,” she explains. The middle daughter, Pimpatra is a fashion student, and her room reflects her sense of style, with animal prints and bold bright colours. Lerdviriya, the youngest, has a simple room with colourful pillows, a red closet and a circular one-way mirror that allows light into her room from the living room. Each room in the house has a personality of its own, reflected in their colour schemes and decor. All in all, the Tanawattanakorns have created a home that’s not only aesthetically beautiful, but also comfortable and functional.


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