"She - aqua dots on red" by Chamnan Chongpaiboon

The Affordable Art Fair is a global art showcase that celebrates contemporary art and the culture of buying art. In the upcoming edition taking place in Hong Kong on May 19-21, several Thai artists’ works will be featured among hundreds from 18 different countries, including the US, Canada, China, the UK, Italy, Japan, Korea and France. Here’s a sneak peek of four Thai artists whose works will be up for display (and purchase) at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre this weekend.

 Visarute Angkatavanich


Photo: Courtesy of La Lanta Fine Art

If you have or had an iPhone6, you should have already been exposed to the works of Thai photographer Visarute Angkatavanich. Famous for his mesmerising photography of Siamese fighting fish, which was featured as the iPhone’s factory-settings wallpaper, the 45-year-old commercial photographer has captivated audiences with his precision and eye for vibrant beauty.

 Attasit Pokpong


"Woman 2" by Attasit Pokpong

One of Thailand’s most recognized artists, Attasit Pokpong is known for creating intrigue through semi-realistic portraits of women. Attasit has explained that, in his paintings, he tries to create a mystery in expression that will lead audiences to imagining the subject’s touch. 

 Chamnan Chongpaiboon


"She - pink pastel" by Chamnan Chongpaiboon

Similar to Attasit, Chamnan Chongpaiboon’s work centres on the up-close allure of woman. However, Chamnan adds a retro twist to his feminine portrayals, splashing them in loud colors and patterns, notably dots. The artist considers dots to be a form of alphabet. String them together and you form words. String the words together and you form stories. Hidden in this concept is the Buddhist wheel of dharma.

 Pitch Tangpun


"Purple Dumbo no. 2" by Pitch Tangpun

Pitch Tangpun draws from his childhood nostalgia to produce his brand of art. A recurring subject in his work are classic toys he interacted with as a child. Working with a variety of materials, including oil paint, silkscreening, brass and the corrosive effects of acid, Pitch purposefully adds another layer of story to his retrospective art.  

 What is the Affordable Art Fair?


The Affordable Art Fair was first launched in Battersea Park, London in October 1999 to offer art enthusiasts a greater opportunity to own gallery art. Ten thousand people showed up at the inaugural event. Since, the Affordable Art Fair has expanded to 10 more cities outside of the UK, including Amsterdam, Milan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Stockholm and Brussels, garnering 220,000 attendees a year, globally. But if you were to visit an Affordable Art Fair today, you’ll see that it is much more than a mega art sale. Rather, it has evolved into a fully-fledged creative extravaganza with programmes like live performances, discussions, workshops and, of course, spots to sit, eat and socialize. Nevertheless, since its origins, the Affordable Art Fair has sold over $408 million worth of art.

Along with Visarute, Attasit, Chamnan and Pitch, these are the other Thai artists whose work will be featured at the Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong this weekend: Chayan Pol-asa, Decha Warashoon, Puritip Suriyapatarapun, Sawinee Phansanam, Kraiwit Phothikul, Jarasporn Chumsri, Napapanant Rengsrithummakhun, Chana Sansananchai and Waranyou Changpradit

May 19-21, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Dr, Wan Chai, Hong Kong;

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